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there are more revelations of the scale of the deadly effects of Corona virus in care homes.
Latest figures show that more than 1/4 of deaths of care home residents in England and Wales, including some who died in hospitals between March and May involved Corona virus.
That's more than 12.5 1000 people off Those nine out of 10 victims had at least one pre existing condition, most commonly dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
The government today has been giving details of its next steps on helping care homes in England during the pandemic.
Meanwhile, 384 deaths involving Corona virus have been reported in the past 24 hour period in hospitals on the wider community as well as care homes.
And that means the overall number of those who have died in the UK is 33,998.
Our social affairs correspondent Allison Holt, has the latest.
Thomas Port was 101.
He was ex Navy, frail but still determined even in a pandemic.
His reaction was I spent time on the beach is a dunker picked up.
Survivors on the Atlantic convoys are survived all that, so I'm going to serve all of this.
But in April, he became one of the nearly 46,000 care home residents who have died from all causes over two months.
His son, Peter, believes Corona Virus arrived in his father's nursing home with a patient discharged from hospital.
Overall, he says, residents needed more protection.
I believe that they made a that there was a fundamental error might at the beginning the care homes either were going to suffer the the Corona virus because of their in cloned environment.
Or, alternatively, they didn't really care about it or even think about unfortunate.
In this country, social care seems to be a poor relation to things.
Care Home in Sheffield managed to keep the virus out by having staff move in.
It's worked, but now they've unlocked again.
Like the majority of care homes, this is a small, family run business on the strain on them is huge.
I mean, stuff are tired.
It's It's long, long, long hours, long days, long weeks.
You know this is not a measure that you can put in place the 69 months it's, you know, it's physically, emotionally, immensely not possible to do for that long without constantly changing his staff.
Today, the Health and Care secretary gave details of infection control plans, including a name clinician for each care home.
Right from the start, we've tried to throw a protective ring around our care homes.
We set out our first advice in February, and as the virus grew, we strengthened it throughout the registry.
Even introduced today, aren't they too little too late?
Well, what I set out today, all the things that we've been doing throughout this crisis to support people in care homes But worried by the number of deaths in care homes, some families are moving their relatives out.
Typically, it's not a long term plan.
It's more than you know.
They've heard that care home that they're in has a Corona virus, and they're worried.
So they bring out their parents on day looking more what's happening in the next month to two.
So they're actually we're not seeing people book sort of long term, but just to ensure that their parents are safe.
Rosa, who has dementia, was having rest spike care in the home.
But when other residents developed Cove in 19 her son had already had the virus moved her out.
They've bean self isolating together.
It's been a great mom, and last week we want to do supporting harm's way.
But good baby and that stroke like that, it picked up.
The virus was recovering and it gives you the option of taking around.
We would have a better luck on our side.
She's not shown any science and at such a time knowing that our families are safe, whether they're with us or in our home couldn't be more important.
Allison Holt's BBC News on the rate of which Corona virus could be spread across the UK, has gone up and is close to the point where infections may rise again.
The reproduction or our number needs to stay below one to control the spread, but rates vary across the UK could result in stricter locked down measures in some areas.
Is our science editor David shipment some areas a hit harder by the virus than others?
The northeast of England seems to have one of the highest rates of infection.
It's thought that one factor could be deprivation.
But whatever the cause, the council in Gateshead wants to move more cautiously.
The national government.
We don't have the same powers to Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland.
If I had those powers, we have those problems here and get it absolutely certain that we would be imported in the same restrictions as in Scotland and in Wales and Northern Ireland.
So our social media message from the local authority stand exactly the same.
That steer tour, where possible, steered war.
That pressure for different approaches across the UK is driven by different estimates for rates of infection.
What's called the Our number one new study says London now has the lowest rate.
At one point, it was suffering the worst of the outbreak, then the Midland's anything below one means the virus is declining, but the southeast, east, southwest and northwest a lot closer to that threshold of one.
With the northeastern Yorkshire having the highest rate of all regions in England, Scotland is thought to be in the range of 0.7 to 1 on Duale Zand, Northern Ireland, 10.82 point nine.
There is a geographical march of it, really a spread of it geographically from London on the city's outwards.
So the Northeast is just perhaps later than other regions in acquiring at the virus and then having the epidemic.
But there may be other factors on we do know That disadvantage has certainly in hospitalization.
Andi in admissions with severe disease disadvantage on in certain populations, it seems to have a more severe effect.
The Scottish government was the first to declare that its restrictions would stay in place for the time being.
And like everywhere, there's a struggle to work out exactly how fast the virus is spreading the me We'll be differences between urban and rural, but the further we go into smaller geographic areas, the greater the uncertainty that that is in making those assessments.
But at the moment, the advice I have is that the the most reliable, we off reporting the our number is in the range we reporter on at a Scotland wide level.
The UK government says restrictions may be relaxed a different rates, but that could be difficult to manage if some people are free to move around and others are still in lock down.
David Trochmann, BBC News Well, as we've just been hearing, the northeast of England now has Mawr confirmed cases of Cove in 19 than any other region in England.
Charities and health experts say the government must solve the long term health and financial problems of many across the country that can leave them vulnerable to the virus.
Problems, the British Medical Association says are a disgrace.
Fiona Chart reports now from Middlesbrough.
I think we should be not.
Our voters should be at, rather than being made to feel invisible and not imparting off.
I definitely don't think the government understands the odds.
Healthwise were stacked against areas like Middlesbrough covered.
19 has really shone A light on not Corona virus is finding the poorest communities.
Everyone that suffers Acela wondered about with Phil Jane.
In a town with some of the country's highest child poverty rates, Moms like Jammer need help.
Her eldest daughter is shielding away from home.
Sit down.
Her family is divided on.
When I can't be there for a I feel a conflict.
A domino Orange is not getting a content pen with.
That's when it I couldn't give a record, kept a party.
It's something step.
Why would be something the grass, but then working where Cove it is, taking an emotional toll Onda financial one caused another cost of living to cool off.
But your money hasn't I mean little Santana Kaiser's?
They used to be 69 pence and all three po 99.
No matter which way you look like you can try, I go around the twin send, right?
Well, we'll give you £10 vulture or what?
I'm going to get you in your prices of all up to 3.6 in our charity worker, Pat is responding to this crisis.
They used to deliver donated food at Christmas.
Now it's every week, usually when we want to people in a crisis the recover from the crisis and the comeback to supporters.
But that's not gonna happen this time.
Food, poverty, fuel, poverty, house in poverty.
Inequality here has existed for years, but it's never bean more kingly felt.
What we've got in Middlesbrough has been previously chemical industry.
Up here in the Northeast, people know about call to Newcastle and shipbuilding and so forth.
And all those industries combined with the housing, the education, the poverty which can go with it has had a detrimental effect upon patients.
People's health.
Those people have had ah, higher infection rate and very, very sadly, indeed.
Tragically ah, higher death rate than more compatible, more affluent areas in England.
No, it's on fear.
It's unjust.
It's really something which is preventable.
Remember, if you want your other memory for this lock down, let it be a good one.
Let's see if they can do as a nation where they call it the post.
First in the majors, not animators count.
That would be nice.
Fear Trot reporting there will help that it a Hugh Pym is here, Hugh.
The our rate.
It's a big part of the debate over when and how to ease lockdowns.
And now, overall, it's going up.
Yes, Clive the range where experts think the our number sits.
They did think it was between 0 00.0 point nine.
There no saints between North 90.7 them one, and you don't want to be above one because that suggests an epidemic is accelerating.
Now it's important to note this doesn't reflect changes in England since the weekend.
With the beginning of the easing of lock down restrictions, it refers back they look at previous hospital admissions and hospital data, and that in turn, reflects previous infections a couple of weeks ago.
It's also the case that looking at where the infections are, there are rather mawr in care, homes and hospitals than they thought and that may have pushed are up the wider community.
We're told it's very possible that are hasn't changed a tall.
It's also the case that on the way up, infections tend to accelerate, their other slower coming back down.
The other side, the ministers are saying, at least are, is not back above one yet, but the margin for error is no extremely tight.
If further locked, own easing is toe happen.
Ministers will have to watch this very closely.
That made it clear that they could begin to tighten again.
If it goes much above one, the public will be able to follow this very closely along with the government, because the our number is now going to be published.
The range each week.
Okay, you many thanks.
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Coronavirus: more than 12,500 care home residents have died, new figures reveal - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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