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  • it might feel like a long time ago.

  • This is the dawn of a new era.

  • But yes, the UK left the EU in January of 2020.

  • The United Kingdom's membership in the European Union is over.

  • It's been out of the headlines for a few months now, but Brexit is back on the political menu, so he's a quick refresher of what's done on what's still to do.

  • The divorce deal, known as the withdrawal Agreement, dealt with the rights of EU citizens living here.

  • How much money the UK owed the U on the transition period, which we're currently in, during which you have noticed nothing much has changed.

  • But what we need now is to see a bit of in the negotiations.

  • So what's on the table now is how the U.

  • K and the U will trade with each other in future.

  • Both sides want a free trade agreement, meaning there be no charges or tariffs on goods bought and sold between the U.

  • K and the U on no limits or quotas on the amount of stuff crossing the border.

  • Working out the details of that is where things get tricky.

  • You cannot have the best off both worlds.

  • The UK says the U is asking for too much and that now that it's left, that you shouldn't have to follow you rules in order to trade, we will be in control.

  • But that is important to the U because they say it ensures fair competition between companies on both sides.

  • They call that the level playing field.

  • It is looking toe pick and choose the most attractive element of the single market without the obligations.

  • Fishing is another sticking point.

  • The UK wants to sell fish caught by British boats into Europe.

  • But in return, the you wants its vessels to have access to UK waters.

  • The UK continues to back track deadlines, and deadlock might feel familiar.

  • But the pressure is definitely back on.

  • I think the beautiful country that's heartily sick of going on about Brexit Covad restrictions permitting this summer's negotiating timetable is tight.

  • Time is short and what happens if a deal is done, but the rules are broken, you says its highest court, the European Court of Justice, must have a say.

  • But the UK is clear.

  • It can have no role here, but we can't have the involvement of the European Court of Justice in this country, so there's a lot to overcome.

  • Negotiations are happening remotely, which doesn't exactly help.

  • And while both sides say they do want a deal, they're also preparing for a future without one.

  • The window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

  • The deadline is December the 31st and both sides will have to budge somewhere, somehow if a deal is to be done.

it might feel like a long time ago.

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