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  • The prime minister has publicly backed his most senior and influential advisor, Dominic Cummings, in the face, of course, for his sacking.

  • After it emerged, he driven more than 250 miles from his home in London to County Durham when the government had introduced its Corona virus locked down.

  • It happened during the period Mr Cummings's wife had contracted the virus.

  • Some conservative backbenchers have accused him of arrogance.

  • While Labour has called for Mr Cummings to resign, However, Boris Johnson says his adviser had acted responsibly, legally on with integrity.

  • Now it comes as 118 more deaths were announced in the past 24 hours.

  • That's the lowest figure since the lock down began, though there's usually a lag in recording deaths with the weekend.

  • And that brings the total number of people who have died in the UK to 36,793 with more is our political correspondent in what's what you think, your primary residence, Mr Cummings.

  • As government guidelines, Dominic Cummings family traveled 250 miles away from his London home to isolate Durham when his wife, already hard corona bone symptoms, sating concerns over childcare.

  • So I faced something scrum here the BBC maintained social distancing.

  • The prime minister held him close and face down calls for him to go.

  • I think he followed the instincts of every father on every parent.

  • I do not mark him down for that.

  • I believe that in every respect he has acted responsibly on legally and with integrity.

  • Conservative MPs have got in touch with us today, Prime minister, because they say it.

  • Lots of their constituents are angry.

  • They feel that a lowing someday who was already ill to travel 250 miles across the country, breaches at least the spirit of your guidance Hand on heart.

  • Can you really say this didn't breach The spirit of your guidance when I can tell you is that I think when you look at the guidance, when you look at the particular child care needs that Mr Cummings faced a the time it was reasonable of him to self isolate, as he did for 14 days or more with his family, where he did.

  • Some conservative MPs are saying Prime Minister that this defense that Dominic Cummings behaved responsibly, many of their constituents are angry about that because it means that they were in responsible in not reaching the guidelines and going somewhere close.

  • Perhaps today have.

  • Finally, during this locked down, and they feel insulted by that is I can totally get why people might feel eso confused and Aziz, you say, sir, offended by the idea that it was one thing for for people here and another thing for others, but really having looked at what, ah, what happened?

  • Having looked at his intentions and what he was trying to do for the good of his his family, I really think most people will understand what he was doing.

  • The UK was placed into lock down with strict limitations on travel on March the 23rd.

  • The last time that Dominic Cummings was seen before developing covered symptoms was in Downing Street on the 27th of March.

  • Darren police were made aware of reports that an individual had traveled from London to Durham on the 31st of March.

  • On the following day, a police officer spoke to Mr Cummings father at his father's request.

  • Dominic Cummings then returned to work in London on April.

  • The 14 government ministers say Dominic Cummings and his immediate family were hunkered down at a property adjacent to his parents in Durham.

  • But the Mirror and Observer newspapers and the BBC have spoken to a member of the public who claims he saw Mr Cummings in the town of Barnard Castle, 30 miles away, on Easter Sunday, when a message was stay at home.

  • He is no formally complained to the police.

  • I'm content that at all times throughout his period in isolation, actually, on both sides of that period he behaved responsibly and correctly.

  • I'm told some government ministers, a hugely frustrated, coherent messages and controlling the virus have been made more confusing to keep Dominic Cummings at number 10.

  • So the voters in County Durham have clear views.

  • I think when someone like him, it was obviously giving advice to the prime minister, doesn't dear to the rules.

  • It makes it even more confusing for the average person.

  • Other people have been in the same situation that manage So Washington manage.

  • We're all trying to keep it right.

  • 10 weeks I was in and he's Oh, jeez, floating room.

  • Uh, John wrong.

  • They should suck in under.

  • Labour Leader seems to share those views.

  • This was a huge test of the prime minister, and he's just failed that test.

  • He hasn't sacked Dominic Cummings.

  • He hasn't called for an investigation on he's treating the British public with contempt If I were prime minister out of Sack Cummings Dominic Cummings seems secure in his job for no.

  • But many MPs air worried that faith in the government's guidelines it's far more shaky in Watson.

  • BBC News Laura Kuhns Berg, our political editor, is at Westminster.

  • Laura.

  • How much of a political gamble is this for Boris Johnson sticking by, Mr Well, it is a risk, no question about that normalised advisers who sort of chuck themselves in front of politicians to soak up the damage.

  • Today we saw the prime minister really sort of Chuck himself out there to defend his key.

  • Eight on those close to him say that's partly because he was convinced by what Mr Cummings explained to him about the reasons for his behavior.

  • But more importantly, I think it's because Boris Johnson has come to really, really rely on Dominic Cummings.

  • He's absolutely at the center of the operation in Downing Street on run here.

  • He's either Sina's admirably ruthless or by many, many of his enemies as relentlessly and somehow foolishly antagonistic.

  • But for the prime minister, whether back in the Brexit referendum or during the general election and now his time in office, he's absolutely core to what happens in Downing Street, and therefore he has made the decision the calculation that the loss of losing him would be greater than the political damage of trying to keep him.

  • But of course, that means that the prime minister himself is very personally today doubled down on what many people see as a double standards on what has the general reaction been, well, pretty negative in terms off that group of Tory MPs who have been out there publicly.

  • Some before the press conference, some after the press conference, joining the chorus of criticism of Mr Cummings.

  • Some of the government scientists who've been involved in advising ministers on the strategy have gone on the record online to say they're worried that this undermines the advice that they've been putting together on among government ministers.

  • There's absolute frustration among some off them, some of them privately furious, but not at this stage willing to go public.

  • Some of them concerned that they will end up getting a kicking for the clarity of the message being confused by what happened when one of the prime minister's close team was doing this when tens of millions of people were told day after day after day to stay at home on tomorrow.

  • The Daily Mail, normally a newspaper that's been family behind the conservatives splashing, questioning what planet Mr Cummings at Mr Johnson are on and calling for him to sack his key aide if he's not willing to resign.

  • That said, And this is important to remember this politics moves very, very fast.

  • Have been many occasions in the past when Boris Johnson has brazen doubt, a very difficult political situations.

  • But this isn't a standard political crisis because it's happening at a time of a national crisis that has already been going on for many months now.

  • And many people are angry and upset.

  • Okay, Laura.

  • Thank you.

The prime minister has publicly backed his most senior and influential advisor, Dominic Cummings, in the face, of course, for his sacking.

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Boris Johnson accused of "treating public with contempt" after backing Dominic Cummings - BBC News

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