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  • it's been announced that the prime minister on the health secretary have both tested positive for Corona virus.

  • Boris Johnson says he has mild symptoms and will self isolate in Downing Street, but will still lead the government response to the crisis.

  • The health secretary, Matt Hancock, is also self isolating our political correspondent later Nath, who has the story just to tell you that her report contains some flash photography, something urgent.

  • The prime minister's top adviser this morning.

  • His boss has contracted Corona virus.

  • I've developed mild symptoms off the Corona virus.

  • That's to say, a temperature and a persistent cough on on the advice of the chief medical officer, I've taken a test that has come out positive.

  • So I am working from home.

  • I'm self isolating Andi.

  • That's entirely the right thing to do.

  • But be in no doubt that I can continue our thanks to the wizardry of modern technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against Corona bars.

  • Last night, the prime minister joined people across the country in paying tribute to NHS staff.

  • He received the positive test result not long after at midnight, his neighbor the chancellor, Richie Soon.

  • AC has not displayed any symptoms, so has not yet being tested.

  • MPs have bean following social distancing rules in parliament, but the prime minister has been in close contact with others, leading the government's response to the outbreak.

  • Ministers.

  • A number 10 staff have been told they don't have to self isolate unless they start displaying symptoms.

  • Boris Johnson will be self isolating in the flat in number 11 Downing Street for seven days.

  • He is still leading the government's response to the Corona virus outbreak.

  • Should his condition worsen, the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, will take charge.

  • The last time Boris Johnson saw the queen in person was on the 11th of March.

  • Earlier this week, they spoke by phone.

  • The prime minister will be relying more heavily on technology to carry out government business in the coming days.

  • And let's talk to Layla at Westminster this lunchtime.

  • So the prime minister and the health secretary, Layla, took us through some of the implications of this Jane.

  • Just in the last few minutes we've had we've had confirmation that the health secretary, Madcap Hancock, has also contracted Corona virus.

  • He has tested positive for it.

  • The results came back this morning.

  • He is now working from home after developing mild symptoms on Wednesday night, and I think that is the point.

  • Were stressing that both the health secretary on the prime minister have described themselves as having mild symptoms.

  • So although they are self isolating, they are both still very much involved in the government response to this Corona virus out right now.

  • Clearly, there will have to be some adjustments in terms of using video technology.

  • We've already seen Cabinet meetings, for example, conducted over videoconferencing.

  • The press conferences, the daily press briefings that we've become Houston have also now become video conferences.

  • So although there are contingency plans in place, should the prime minister's condition worsen, it is clear that he is very much in charge of leading the operation for now, given that he only has mild symptoms.

  • All right, Leyla, thank you.

  • Later.

it's been announced that the prime minister on the health secretary have both tested positive for Corona virus.

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Coronavirus: UK Health Secretary Hancock also tests positive - BBC News

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