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  • But in Cardiff during tonight's BBC election debate, all the participants expressed their horror at the events on London Bridge and pay tribute to the victims on the emergency services.

  • The debate itself saw heated exchanges over Brexit with conservative claims they could get Brexit done being described as a lie on Labour's position, branded as a cop out Well, our political editor, Laura Kuhns Berg, is in Cardiff for us tonight, Laura flavours.

  • The technicians pack up here in Cardiff, inevitably, and quite rightly, probably.

  • This debate began with a more somber tone to reflect the events of what's happened in London, less of the hurly burly, less of the political pantomime that's dominated much of this election campaign so far.

  • There were serious clashes, though, and serious conversations over the issues that divide and unite us seven politicians.

  • Seven parties all here tonight, fighting for their corner, a clash of political shades, a rainbow of seven party colors taking the stage together in an election, with the debate, taking a more serious turn, acknowledging and asked how they would tackle the kinds of events that took place 150 miles away, one of the panel members proposed to do to tackle security issues in the UK and future.

  • The first duty of every government is to keep us safe on.

  • Of course, a conservative government will continue to do that, investing in our police, giving them the resources and the powers that they need.

  • We've seen over 20,000 police officers caught from frontline services, so it's right to recognize that that would have a direct impact.

  • And of course we've got to invest more in community neighbourhood police and we have to make sure that we support our security services that we keep access to the best intelligence, which is one of many reasons I think leaving the European Union is a mistake.

  • We've set out plans to increase police numbers by 20,000.

  • I think it's also important that we look at what the police do in that community, policing suggestions to dough that the police take a different approach in preventing terrorism.

  • I think we need to look again at the prevent program because I think we need to make sure that it is and doing as much confidence of every single community in our country as it can, and I'm not sure right now that it is, we must keep investing in more police on Mawr technology.

  • But however many police we have and we need all that as many of those police as possible on the streets in a clash over the two big parties.

  • Big differences on spending.

  • I think you were referred to recently in the media talking about the figure of 1.2 trillion spends, which is a fabricated lie that the Conservative Party have been perpetrated over the last few weeks.

  • You look at people like the best respected think tanks, they described.

  • The labour plans is simply not credible.

  • They said that they're wholly unprecedented surgeon if I could just jealous spending.

  • But they've also said they said very clearly it will be ordinary working families that pay the price in higher taxes.

  • You need to look for parties that are gonna set out where they will get the money from and were saying very honestly, we think the NHS needs more money on.

  • We're gonna raise income tax by a penny in the pound.

  • In order to do so, Then the core question are to conclude Brexit will stop it altogether.

  • I was a remain voter.

  • But feel that were so far along the Brexit journey now that it has to go ahead.

  • How did those of you here this evening feel about talk of a second referendum?

  • We are so no far along with this Brexit journey.

  • You know the idea that Brexit is gonna be done?

  • We're like an episode one of a 10 season box set.

  • And if you don't like what you've seen up to No, you don't have to watch the rest.

  • It's going to take us years to negotiate a trade agreement.

  • It took seven years with Canada.

  • Three idea.

  • You're going to get it done through This is just simply a fantasy.

  • Nobody but nobody thinks a trade deal can be negotiated and agreed by the end of next year.

  • Says we do you know well yet, But we know way.

  • Don't trust you.

  • Sorry.

  • Just trust because you don't trust for Boris Johnson.

  • Of course, insists it is possible.

  • You said he couldn't get a Brexit deal.

  • It would be impossible.

  • But he did.

  • He did get a great new deal and he got it in three months.

  • So you were wrong then.

  • And you and you enroll.

  • Deal now.

  • Wonder people.

  • I don't have faith in politicians.

  • When the leader, the Labour Party, the candidate it dearie, Prime Minister won't even tell us where he stands on this central question.

  • There's gonna cast its child over a generation because he needs to get a good deal with the European Union.

  • I think stating how he would vote in a final public boat would undermine that as ever.

  • This election's about the health service to the NHS.

  • Is Feiglin more you're gonna do to stop this and make sure it's not sold to the highest bidder?

  • The NHS is not for sale, Never has been and never will be documents.

  • Let me scare Monger.

  • Documents were released this week that showed very clearly that the government had been involved in numerous discussions with US trade officials.

  • It's just a desperate conspiracy theory that were absolutely NHS will not be on the table.

  • The price The NHS pace for drugs will not be on the table.

  • When Boris Johnson says that the NHS is not on the table in a future trade.

  • Do I simply do not trust him And I do know believe him last how would they greet the controversial visitor, Donald Trump?

  • If you had 30 seconds with him, what would you say?

  • Happy Thanksgiving.

  • I'm a good Catholic, so I won't say in public what I probably would say to him.

  • Let's get a quick trade deal done, and here's already chase.

  • That's what he results Stop.

  • This scare monger is perfect just lying to the British people.

  • Continue.

  • I think you've got form on that.

  • Resign on, Take Boris with you, Theo.

  • And there were some friends on stage, but they'd be wise to hug their political enemies closer still.

  • And there were certainly passionate arguments tonight, but no grand revelations that you think might really upset what really being quite stable tram lines that have been running through this campaign.

  • That finale there on Donald Trump's imminent visit, though a reminder that there are plenty of events Clive left to go in what is now less than the final fortnight when the public, in the end on Thursday in 10 days time, would have made its decision.

  • Okay, Laura.

  • Thank you, Laura Kuhns Berg.

But in Cardiff during tonight's BBC election debate, all the participants expressed their horror at the events on London Bridge and pay tribute to the victims on the emergency services.

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