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  • Why does my pregnant wife snore?

  • Is it possible she’s always snored, and you didn’t notice it until worrying about

  • the baby kept you up at night?

  • I wake up earlier than her, and now I wake up more often than before.

  • It might be due to the pregnancy.

  • I figured that much.

  • About a third of pregnant women snore. The blood vessels in the nose open wider, sometimes

  • blocking air flow enough to make noise.

  • Rivaling a vacuum cleaner, I think.

  • When you are heavier, you are more likely to snore. So she may be snoring due to the

  • baby weight.

  • When should she see a doctor?

  • As a pregnant person, she should be seeing a doctor. If you mean for the snoring, she

  • has to see a doctor if she stops breathing when snoring.

  • That’s sleep apnea.

  • If it is moderate, she could try sleeping on her side to improve air flow.

  • I think she already does that via an impossibly priced pregnancy pillow.

  • She could wear one of those anti-snoring nasal strips.

  • She’d complain about how silly it looks.

  • Shell be wearing it in bed, not in a fashion show. You two will be the only ones who will

  • see it.

  • And it is a small thing compared to the other ways the baby is warping her body.

  • Tell her that the lack of sleep is causing the dark lines under her eyes, so wearing

  • this at night is an all natural beauty treatment.

  • Or an investment in our marital happiness, because it isn’t like were going to get

  • much sleep after the baby’s born.

  • She might try to manage her weight so she doesn’t end up worsening it with weight

  • gain.

  • She’s convinced she’s eating for two.

  • She’s only eating for 1.3 at most. Remind her that the less she indulges now, the fewer

  • Mommy and Me workouts shell need later.

Why does my pregnant wife snore?

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