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  • well, Sir David, talk there about the wildfires that have devastated parts of Australia.

  • Hundreds are still burning mainly across the southeast of the country, where the authorities are desperately trying to prevent them from spreading further.

  • There are at least eight weeks of the bushfire season still ahead.

  • Clive, my rejoined one fire crew in New South Wales.

  • The fires eating this land have burnt from the mountains to the sea in between eucalyptus bottle brush pine.

  • It's hard, but save the forest.

  • Did you save Australia?

  • Man is having a terrible time trying to stop Mother Nature is doing to us.

  • But this is definitely be the worst fire season that I've seen in most of my colleagues would have ever seen.

  • You see the wind really influences what it's doing.

  • Zap is charged with protecting 2.5 1,000,000 acres of forest in the state of New South Wales.

  • Several villages and towns in just a few miles away, right in the path of oncoming flames wouldn't be that accurate.

  • Windy Zeps team has already cleared some scrub, taking away fuel for the fire, but wisps of smoke a creeping through like water under a door how long before the main fire front appears?

  • It's been a long bushfire season for seven this crew 36 in the waning days.

  • Bizarre what smoke blocked out the light of the sun and frightening days when people died.

  • But time's running out to stop the latest blaze spreading more of the forest needs to be cleared to create a big in a firebreak.

  • It's a real shame to have to do this, but these fires this season not behaving normally.

  • And if we don't start putting these breaks in to stop it, more fires just gonna burn a nearby back burning Zeps team deliberately ignites part of the forest, destroying fuel for the oncoming monster.

  • Well, this fire was like just a couple of minutes ago, and I could see how it has taken hold blown by these really strong winds on these.

  • These are the conditions that the authorities have been having to deal with during this appalling bushfire season.

  • Night and day fires are being deliberately lit by emergency crews.

  • This the neighboring state of Victoria.

  • But other latest attempts to hold back the fire front working.

  • So that's about the last of it isn't mine good.

  • Sold it out now.

  • Good job Done.

  • Tight much does it.

  • Well done.

  • Let's go that contain anyone.

  • Zevin, His team have won this battle.

  • But is Australia winning the war?

  • We have a guy on with steering them and at times we can have small wings.

  • Take a bottle.

  • We're not winning, but we're not losing either.

well, Sir David, talk there about the wildfires that have devastated parts of Australia.

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