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  • no one can leave for the mainland's and no one can come in approximately 1/2 off the island population is infected.

  • The infection with capital This one of the highest in Europe, if not in the world.

  • What's it like to be on the Corona Island?

  • This is Sarah Ma, an island off the coast of Estonia on about 33,000 people live there.

  • What happened a month ago?

  • A team from Milan flew to play voluble on the island, and now it's the country's Corona virus.

  • Hot spot.

  • We can't get there.

  • So some of the Islanders filmed on their Mobil's what it's like coping there now.

  • Corbett, 19.

  • Inpex Agitation in Saddam A and Kurosawa is quite serious.

  • We might have 1000 hospitalizations by April 20th so we need that help.

  • In our hospital, we have 147 beds.

  • This is not enough for 1000 patients.

  • With the high number of cases, some patients are now being flown to the mainland for treatment.

  • Elsewhere on the island, people are adapting quickly.

  • Hundreds of companies are finding ways to survive online.

  • Hello, world Susan here from Sodom, Susan Ryan, home used to work in an office for a cooperative selling the islands produce.

  • Now she's delivering daughter door the pile of things to see behind there.

  • These are the home deliveries that I have Teoh go and deliver today.

  • So we're now in one of the neighborhoods here include Asada's Artemus capital, as we can say on waiting for our client to come downstairs and then I leave the leave, the groceries said to her safely without any contact with all non essential business shut.

  • Many of Susan's friends lost work after the outbreak but quickly found it elsewhere.

  • People attacked to change.

  • For example, my hairdresser is now the the one labeling the packages in a local meat factory, and nobody is sitting at home on thinking that.

  • OK, let's see what tomorrow brings.

  • Uh, people are taking actions is part of the island's crisis that, considering the next steps in a video conference, a new tells us they've bean through isolation like this before.

  • For the very first time since Soviet occupation, people need permits to enter, but this time it ihsaa because off our free well to protect our people on their health, it ihsaa difficult to tell how the Corona virus first came to the island.

  • There were two voluble matches with Italian team that brought together more than 1000 local people, as well as visitors from the mainland.

  • Estonia Local officials also say a second big social gathering, this Champagne festival, may have further quickened the spread.

  • Another Islander Tom over key films For us how his hometown has changed on the background is their main square off What I said, usually buzzing your own midday like now today.

  • There are, of course, nobody people are at their homes working online.

  • I'm a bit worried about the longer term implications.

  • Of course.

  • What I've seen so far hold the people are getting together do kind of work for the future of the island.

  • I'm really, really, positively surprised.

no one can leave for the mainland's and no one can come in approximately 1/2 off the island population is infected.

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