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a darkness is closing in their own did live.
The Syrian regime is creeping closer, recapturing territory in a merciless advance.
Those who oppose it take shelter where they can.
The U.
N says there's no safe space left here.
Almost a 1,000,000 have fled here.
26 families are living in this empty shell.
The tarpaulin walls put up by is meal.
Yousef aren't enough to keep out the cold or the sound of regime shelling.
Bashar al Assad's forces are less than six miles from here.
If the regime comes here, we will head to Turkey.
But the aren't letting anyone in, in the end, who will have to go to the border because the alternative is death.
Towns and villages have bean emptied out.
A 1,000,000 people have fled in the last three months.
The border camps are full.
Abu Juma has already tried to leave.
Once shelling is close enough now to make the Children flinch.
It was like judgment day.
There are columns upon columns of vehicles leaving.
There was nowhere to go, but our house is left to rent, not even tents.
Rebel held Idlib is shrinking fast.
These Turkish backed forces on down jihadists have lost village after town.
They took his clothes off to the front lines.
Turkey has given them new weapons and vehicles, but they're outmatched by the regime and Russia and powerless to stop the advance.
Theo airstrikes have Bean the single most effective weapons against us, says this commander.
War has bean these Children's lives here at Idlib Orphanage number one.
They try to shut it out, but it's getting harder.
The battle came knocking again earlier this week when regime shells landed close by.
Three girls were terrified.
The held one another and started crying.
They said this was the last safe place after fleeing so many times, where would they go?
Would this be the place where they would all die?
The situation here has never bean more bleak, and they can already feel the regime's grasp.
It has bombed people in hospitals and markets.
On day earlier this week, it shelled this camp too.
A ceasefire may be the only hope, but they're keeping their cars and belongings packed just in case.
It's a squalid end to Syria's war.
But still people here tell us much.
Rather endured this and suffer under Bashar al Assad's rule.
It's no the biggest exodus off the conflict.
They fled time and time again and know they can go no farther.
So they ask, Now that there are so many off them in the world, continue to ignore their feet For young and old, there is now almost no safe place in Idlib.
After enduring nine years of misery, the last place they want to be is left at the mercy of Bashar al Assad.
Quentin Sommerville, BBC News did lip.
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Syria conflict: Inside the final rebel stronghold - BBC News

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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