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  • Let's go outside the building because we have our map of the UK on its being basically changing color and changing shape.

  • We have our figures, their own broadcasting houses, you can see and they're all projecting that majority for Boris Johnson.

  • They tell their own story.

  • But just down there to the right, where we have new broadcasting house Sofia's there with the changing political map of the UK My goodness, how it has changed.

  • We can show you the shot tonight of what the map looks like.

  • When we came on air, that was with the colors off the 2017 general election.

  • As the results came in, we took them all up, and now we have been relaying that map.

  • But look at how dramatically different that map already is looking.

  • One place that is pretty much unchanged at the moment is down here.

  • London It's huge on our map of hexagons because the 73 MP is really distort a map and many of them remaining red tonight.

  • But it's very much looking like an island off red.

  • I've got a couple of voters with me here.

  • You're a labour voter labor London version.

  • You must very disappointed tonight.

  • Absolutely.

  • I think Labour really misjudged the mood of Brexit around the country and we actually means to people in their traditional Heartlands.

  • As you can see, they've really just only broken through in London, which was a safe bet in the first place on your liberal Democrat, voter lived EMS have taken a big seat Richmond Park here in London, but they lost their leader.

  • I think the taking of Richmond Park is hugely important in signify that lived and still have a significance in the Ford moving politics.

  • I think that overall it's been a dismal.

  • It's the Lib Dems and I think we need to look for a new leader as you know, evidently showed.

  • I think what it came down to it was a failure of leadership.

  • I think that it rests more with Jo Swinson than it does with our Brexit policy.

  • I think that as a leader and in personality, she didn't connect with voters enough.

  • Okay, well, let's just take you across England and North East Wales here, which is was marginal seats which have just gone blue and it is really striking.

  • Just how much has changed.

  • We were talking earlier about the Red War.

  • Well, that has been breached.

  • In fact, if you come up here into north west of England, there's literally a path now a blue path from the West Coast, all the way over into the East Coast, past Yorkshire.

  • And I've got a voter from Yorkshire, your from Halifax, a conservative, delighted conservative voter.

  • Very much so, yeah.

  • I mean, it's been a fantastic night.

  • I mean, obviously the majority is far exceeded.

  • What I expected, especially fantastic to see so many sort of seats in the north, in Yorkshire and the north, East and elsewhere flip from red to blue.

  • But I think that from them into the Labour Party, stake in the North for granted for far too long.

  • But that is the extraordinary thing.

  • Watching this tonight is the seats that some of them have huge majorities.

  • Labour majorities have just gone in data, and I think it's largely down to the Brexit issue because officer than off all three regions Yorkshire, the northwest in the northeast, it over a minute to leave.

  • But that's only labour MPs that refused to expect that result.

  • And I think that's ultimately the sort of Democratic justice coming back to bite them because those constituents there for years haven't gone away there because I believe the U hasn't got away but hasn't been acted either.

  • That's that's the evidence here of justice in action, Thank you very much.

  • And just another big changes.

  • Well, this is very much like it was in 2015 when we watched Scotland go yellow.

  • Well, that is happening all over again.

  • Obviously.

  • Jo Swinson losing her seat.

  • A big story there.

  • I've got a voting here from Sterling with me.

  • Now your reaction.

  • You want independence, you voted SNP or reaction to the results tonight.

  • But it's always a difficult night because Scotland votes one way England votes another and we can see with the oldest blue.

  • That's not what we want.

  • We want our independence.

  • We want a left of center government and we want to be in the U Are you gonna get it?

  • Well, what blue voting means?

  • Anything It must.

  • Okay, well, thank you very much.

  • So as you can see this map really changing shape in front of our eyes and huge sway that read war as definitely being breached.

  • Well, indeed.

Let's go outside the building because we have our map of the UK on its being basically changing color and changing shape.

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