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Last night, the United States brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice.
Abu a car.
Al Baghdadi is dead.
In the dark hearts of the night, eight US Special Forces helicopters swooped Donald to removed corner of northwest Syria.
They fired a couple of buildings.
They knocked a hole in the wall.
It didn't go through the front door because they thought it would almost certainly be booby trapped on.
They engaged in far with a number of defendants in sight, according to US reports.
They then chased up a battle Baghdadi down a tunnel using dogs, attack dogs.
He took three Children with him, three of his Children, which Americans say he took as human shields.
He was wearing a suicide vest, told which he then detonated.
Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has been the one person that is more than anybody symbolized.
The leadership of so called Islamic state of Isis established the salt became caliphate in 2014 on which he demanded allegiance for the world's Muslims.
Around eight million people were under its control of one point, with billions of dollars being earned out of extortion on taxes.
But some very cruel practices taking place as well.
Beheadings, torture, crucifixions, amputations, driving's people being burned to death.
I mean, really horrific stuff.
There's no question this is a big blow for Isis.
It's not the end of Isis.
He will proper to be replaced worriedly the factors that propelled Isis to its lightning successes in 2014 2013.
In many cases, they're still loud.
It's the chaos that exists in some of those countries.
It comes down to bad governance and in those environments, Isis conferring.
Still, he died like a dog.
He died like a coward.
The world is now a much safer place.
President Trump is making maximum capital Advil.
This, not surprisingly, because he's come out a huge criticism for insisting that U.
S troops withdraw from northern Syria just when military chiefs are saying they needed their most president.
Trump has given probably rather more details about the operation than most U.
Presidents would give away, probably more than his military chiefs would like.
It is no mission accomplished.
I think there is a risk here of triumphalism of that guy's job done.
We could all pack up and go home.
Isis is still there.
It's got sleeper cells, it's got followers.
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Where does Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death leave IS? - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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