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one artist who has been tirelessly telling fans to stay in doors is the Japanese musician Yoshiki.
He's also donated $100,000 to the Grammys fund, which supports musicians who have been affected by Cove.
It 19.
And he's also accompanied Bonneau When I Am and Jennifer Hudson on piano in their song Sing for Life, which was inspired by Italians singing from their balconies, Let's have a listen you want.
So we saw Yoshiki there on piano.
He joins us live now from his home in Los Angeles.
It's great to see you.
I know you're in isolation and locked down like so many of us.
Now, when it comes to telling your hundreds of thousands of fans to stay indoors, you're really strong with that message.
What response are you getting?
Your shiki?
We're for possible.
I go back and forth between Japan and Sanders.
So then I'm very, very careful.
My fans health, including my family friends so you know depends on where you live.
The information you get This was different.
So it was in America.
One month was like people didn't think about that is for such a big video suddenly does a state of emergency in Japan happened to this literally delaying the information.
So getting the information later as like I was urging for my Japanese fans Teoh, be prepared for this.
Don't take this fun lightly so that the you know, I was really close on about my fans, health and everything.
And so are we are your fans because you've got a lot of fans.
Let's be honest about it.
How are they reacting to you when they when you tell them?
Look, it's really important.
Just toe save lives.
Protect yourselves, Protect others.
Stay inside.
Are they listening to you?
Yes, completely.
I mean, you know also not only my fans, some of my colleagues, Band member.
I mean, you know, musicians and yes, yeah, they are really, like, you know, okay.
Tickets too seriously.
I told him to be extra cautious.
This virus very unknown, you know?
So just better safe than sorry.
That's been doing them throughout the past several weeks.
Then they took it very seriously And you shaky.
You got into a collaboration with Will.
I am with Bono.
Jennifer Hudson.
How have people been reacting to sing for life?
Is it going down?
Well, yes.
So I mean, our purpose was trying Teoh, lift up your spirits.
So even though, you know, we are kind of staying home and along but we're kind of physical distancing, rather safest car distancing off, social distancing.
So we are no completely alone.
We can still connect, you know, region.
You know, she Our thoughts are hard.
Everything so that songs are all about were no along.
And I know as a musician you're concerned for fellow artists who have been affected by cove in 19.
Just tell us a little bit about what you've been doing personally to support them.
Yes, I donated Grammy A music care calling 19 leaf found kind of thunder or something like that.
You know, again, as a musician, I would like to you very support my fellow colleagues, but the same time we're not only one should buy this cop in 19 crisis, so I would like to support, you know, as of now, healthcare workers at the most important I mean, they're the one saving our lives, so I like to keep supporting.
You know these people?
Yeah, because I really care about all those people again.
You know.
First of all, my fan most important, many modern my life Because my life has supported a surrounded by death.
My father committed suicide in my funding but die but my fans want saved me.
Saved my life.
So I really want to support my family.
My your shaky.
I'm sure that they will be very heartened to hear your support.
Thank you for your kind words.
And thank you for your time.
Your shiki there.
The musician joining us live from Los Angeles.
Thank you for joining us as well.
Here on outside source to stay safe.
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Coronavirus: The Japanese musician Yoshiki on #SING4LIFE - BBC News

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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