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  • well.

  • In a month's time, voters across the United Kingdom will be voting in the general election.

  • And as the campaign progresses, BBC News is continuing.

  • Its Siri's looking at political priorities in different parts off the UK And tonight my colleague Clyde Murray is in the northeast of England on in the constituency off Bishop Auckland.

  • Let's join him now.

  • Thanks you.

  • What a fascinating constituency this is.

  • The town of Bishop Auckland is itself proud of its industrial past, the railways and coal mining.

  • But the death of traditional industry has hit this area hard, and there is a sense that the town has never really recovered politically.

  • It's also a bellwether for the rest of the Northeast, while the constituency is a mixture of post industrial towns, pretty market towns and agricultural communities.

  • Historically, it's been a labour stronghold in general elections on barring four years in the 19 thirties, Labour has held Bishop Auckland since 1918 but this majority has been slowly whittled away over the years, is now down to just over 500 votes, and that's made it a key conservative target in this election.

  • When it comes to Brexit, it was a decisive vote, with 61% of people here choosing to leave the well in the two days that we've been here, we've spoken to a number of people who feel this place has been for gotten since the heyday of its industrial time, when Bishop Auckland was truly on the map.

  • My journey bitter Bookland in the Amateur Cup final at Wembley.

  • There was a time when the whole country knew of Bishop.

  • It's footballers lit up.

  • Terrace is the way the region's cold lit up homes, the team's fans working minors and families, their political allegiance always toe.

  • But there's been disappointment at the forgetting that this place exists since the pits closed when the football was good.

  • And now there's anger for some of this working men's club that Labour's handling of Brexit, they say, is a final kick in the teeth.

  • Ask Kevin, an NHS hospital worker switching from Labour two.

  • Tory.

  • It's not just my been ignored or the Northeast.

  • It's the 17.4 million people who who voted to leave when you fed up of them.

  • Better not be absolutely fed up to here last Shannon, silent witness to thousands of conversations.

  • I think a lot of people will end up voting conservative rather than never.

  • Yeah, from what I'm hearing are normally vote labour.

  • Are you thinking you might go this time?

  • I'm undecided on asked John, unhappy but unable to bring himself to vote conservative.

  • What about the Brexit?

  • But today I don't like Suraj.

  • I don't think you're stuck there.

  • Are you going to stay at home than on Election Day?

  • Probably standing over there.

  • Valid boxing coverage.

  • Another thing about it, which sounds, is if you might reluctantly end up voting leg.

  • Probably the Brexit party candidates standing here could split the leave vote, but his allegiances shift, a changing of the political weather wouldn't be down to just Brexit.

  • Years of neglect will play their part.

  • Two.

  • Auckland Castle, with its priceless paintings, has been restored with money from a local multi millionaire.

  • Jonathan Rougher is also financing museums, galleries, gardens, shaming past governments of all stripes.

  • The purpose of what we're doing is to help a community find itself canted.

  • Arum has bean under the cosh for a long time, But what we knew was that this was about people.

  • It wasn't about buildings, pictures, anything else And if you care for beautiful, they respond.

  • Bishop Auckland A.

  • Currently mid table in the Northern Football League, but how to bring back the glory days?

  • Better jobs futures for young people hope that's what next month's election is all about.

  • Well, with me is the BBC's political editor for the northeastern Cumbria, Richard Moss.

  • Richard.

  • Obviously, we didn't talk to every single labour voter in this constituency.

  • There are gonna be some who are happy with labor starts nationally on Brexit.

  • But given what we've heard today, how much trouble are they Labour candidates in seats like this across the Northeast say they do have two problems on the doorstep.

  • One is Brexit.

  • The other one is Jeremy Corbyn, because they find it very difficult to persuade voters to give him a chance.

  • They since I was like his policies, but they have a real hostility to the labour leader.

  • In addition to that, they're facing conservative Party that's learned some lessons from 2017.

  • It is not just banging on about Brexit.

  • Constituencies like this is talking about more police on the streets, investment in schools and hospitals.

  • Challenge for the tourist is, though is can convince communities like this that were affected by austerity.

  • That they are the party that will put it into reverse can overcome the fact that they, unlike Labour, don't have the kind of electoral machine in history.

  • In places like this, that still doesn't matter.

  • On the third complication, that Brexit party still standing in seats like this in the Northeast.

  • Now they hope they will do as much damage to labour as they do to the Conservatives.

  • But actually, conservative candidates and seats like this would bite the hands off of Brexit party candidate.

  • If they said, Look, we'll leave Labour the conservatives to it here so they will not count on seats like this even though labour bonds are being stretched the limits until the votes start being counted on December 12th.


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UK General Election 2019: The View from Bishop Auckland - BBC News

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