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Are we about to have another war in the Middle East?
I certainly hope we're not.
We have never sought conflict in the Middle East.
Saudi Arabia has You've intervened in Yemen with massive air strikes for four years.
We didn't start the conflict there.
We went in TM And in order to try and pacify the situation.
I know that sounds backwards.
There is no conflict.
That is a good conflict.
Our intervention in Yemen was too.
Restore the democratically elected government with the U.
Mandate because we saw that what was happening in Yemen had the opportunity or the possibility to brunch out and why didn't decided.
I regret getting involved in that war because, let's be blunt, you haven't dislodged the Houthis.
Thousands of people are being killed and displaced.
The majority of civilians killed are because of the Saudi led airstrikes.
This was surely a catastrophic mistake.
Anyone who says they don't regret conflict of war is lying to you or a madman.
Um, we felt we had to get involved because it was in the greater interests of Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the region.
There were just be What do you think it's best just to leave.
Of course not.
We can't leave Yemen on its own.
Yemenis are brothers.
There are their family relations.
There are cultural religious ties.
Where are you now?
With Iran.
You've investigated the attacks on side Aramco.
This is a huge attack.
Definite crippled.
Your all output.
How is how do we begin to respond?
Almost certainly.
It's Iranian backed.
Um, we are trying not to react too quickly because the last thing we need is more conflict in the region.
How serious is the damage to Saudi rapers?
Oil and petrochemical industry.
You know, gig processes more than half the amount of oil that we produce in Saudi, which is being the facility city.
Um, it produces it, processes more oil than almost the whole region produces otherwise.
So it's This is a blow for the world and the world economy, not just Saudi Arabia.
I want to turn to the murderer of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul nearly a year ago by Saudi government agents.
Why haven't we been told what's going on with the trial?
Let me be clear.
What happened in the Stumbled most a year ago was a stain on Saudi Arabia, staying on our culture, our people, our government.
Um, I wish it didn't happen.
If Saudi Arabia was serious about really getting to the bottom of this, why is Saddled Kahtani still at large?
He's the men named by the C.
Is being instrumental in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
And yet here's at large is not on trial.
He's not in prison.
He's not detained.
I know he's a friend of the crown prince, but he seems to be above the law, the ones above a little one.
I think we've seen that in the past in Saudi, whether you're from the royal family, a friend of the conference, it's irrelevant.
Big businessman.
He was removed from his position.
He's there?
No, definitely.
He's carries out.
No active role in government.
He's being investigated.
We have no finished the investigation.
If he had a role, he will go to jail.
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Saudi ambassador to the UK: Saud Al-Qahtani is being investigated - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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