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  • Now Hong Kong has recorded its first death from the Corona virus outbreak, the second fatality outside mainland China.

  • And it comes as China's leadership admits shortcomings and deficiencies in its response to the outbreak.

  • While the death toll in China itself has now risen to 425 the number of cases has climbed to more than 20,000.

  • Asia Pacific editor Celia Haddon has more.

  • The new Corona virus has claimed another life, this time in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong.

  • Hundreds of medical workers there began a second day of strikes.

  • They want to force the government to completely close the city's borders with mainland China.

  • Those calls amplified after a 39 year old man died from the virus on Tuesday.

  • Hong Kong has 15 confirmed cases so far on the neighboring island of Taiwan, a rare case of cooperation with the authorities in Beijing.

  • Some stranded from Taiwan were evacuated from mainland China.

  • However, the Taiwanese authorities had strong words for China from kind of a John wooden.

  • We have seen the Chinese government brutally and unreasonably pressuring Taiwan on the international stage.

  • They're putting political considerations over people's health and safety This basically is extremely vile.

  • This latest death in Hong Kong is the second outside of mainland China.

  • A man died in the Philippines last week after visiting Wuhan, the central Chinese city.

  • At the epicenter of the outbreak, Caution Shan Hospital, built from scratch in just two weeks, received its first patients on Tuesday, though some say building works still continues.

  • Another temporary hospital is planned to open in the coming days.

  • Experts say much is still unknown about the pathogen.

  • The World Health Organization confirmed that clinical trials are underway to test if anti retroviral drugs the type used to treat HIV, could be effective and tackling the virus.

  • However, that's unconfirmed.

  • Yesterday, Chinese experts also warned caution over details about how the virus is transmitted.

  • Although viral nucleic acids were found in feces of infected patients, the virus has not being acquired here, so we will keep observing to get further details as hospitals open production lines, factories and shops are closing, Hyundai announced it is to suspend its South Korea production of the virus hit their supply chain in China.

  • Macau announced it will temporarily close down all casinos, cutting off the lifeblood of the city's economy with flu like virus has now spread to approximately two dozen nations, sparking fears for global economic growth and rattling markets.

  • Shanghai stock index lost some $400 billion in market value on Monday, and as the markets plunge, the death toll continues to rise.

  • Selahattin BBC News Well as the death toll from the Corona virus in China rises steadily, campaigners are urging the country to apply a permanent ban on the wildlife trade.

  • Markets Selling live animals are considered a potential source of diseases that are new to humans, and there has been speculation that it was such a market in Wuhan that could have been a starting point for this outbreak.

  • With me now is the World Service environment correspondent Levin saying.

  • Cut, cut, Thanks very much for coming first.

  • Well, is it clear exactly how this spread happened with this is still being worked out?

  • So they talk about what happened with SARS back then.

  • So they identified that it was from bats from from bats.

  • It's jumped into some other animals and then on to humans.

  • This time around, they need the guests and they're saying it.

  • It has to be bad, but they're still working on it.

  • But the thing is, you know what scientists are saying is to expose it, this wild animals and the way they sell other animals chicken, pigs, whatever exposed, you decide my site.

  • So you've got snakes, the chicken you've got, you know, civet cats, and you got pics.

  • So when they're in close contact like that, so that's how or from bats, for instance.

  • So that's how the primary sources bats, for instance, jumped into some of animal and onto human.

  • But that's still being worked out.

  • What exactly happened?

  • What was this intermediary animal?

  • But by and large, they think that it has to be wild animals and therefore this crackdown.

  • And there's a permanent temporary ban and international organizations conservation organizations asking that this be turned into a permanent one battle help, while Afghans vision as well on some of these wild markets, supposed to be illegal anyway.

  • Yes, so it's a mixed.

  • So what happens in Chinese markets is, although it's called wildlife markets, some of those species are allowed which internationally they have.

  • Concerns have been demanding.

  • But then many of the species are also illegal, and that's what the Chinese government has been trying to crack down on.

  • But the thing is, you know, it's it's easy to say back then during the SARS outbreak as well we saw this.

  • They introduced a temporary ban.

  • But then within a few months after it was gone on, the business was back.

  • But this time around, things are serious because this industry has hijacked this powerhouse that that supplies all the goods to the world that has been hijacked.

  • And as a result, you're hearing all this big decisions from the Politburo Standing Committee chaired by the president himself and these animals in these markets Is this for being slaughtered fresh for consumption as well as for medicinal products?

  • Is that'll happen in the same place where they all in separate Well, it it depends.

  • Some of these animals, for example, pangolin scales, you see like dangling skills they used for medicinal traditional Chinese medicine.

  • And China has almost law lost all of its mangling and therefore it's being poached elsewhere.

  • Remember, bangle in is the most ports to handle now for that market.

  • So some of the species, for example, rhino horns that medicinal values whereas other animals are used for meat and some are for both.

  • It's just a massive industry.

  • And you talked about this meat thing?

  • The issue here is about warm meat they want warned me that the practices they want warm the demand for warm.

  • It is quite high, slaughtered and kept there.

  • And as I said, you've got snakes there.

  • Civet cats.

  • They're batch there.

  • One meat.

  • It's so so vulnerable.

  • Silver, Right, Right.

  • Briefly.

  • How likely is it that this is gonna be able to be stopped?

  • It's quite challenging.

  • But then, as I said, you know, the whole powerhouse China, as an economic has been disturbed and therefore this Politburo meeting has taken the dis season.

  • And so like like one child policy, I'm told that the government will have Will will try to implement it as much as possible.

  • Thank you very much.

Now Hong Kong has recorded its first death from the Corona virus outbreak, the second fatality outside mainland China.

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