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I expect it will be quite an emotional thing for me to be in the heart of Silicon Valley.
Given what's happened to our family.
That was her birthday weekend and in two days after she died, they are turning over our kids lives.
Two algorithms.
Children are literally dying every day.
It just This isn't just for Molly.
This is for every young wasted life.
The government tells social media companies to take more responsibility for harmful on 19 year old, and Molly Russell took her own life in 2017.
The government is urging social media companies to take more responsibility for harmful online content.
These are companies the count their profits in the billions on.
They turn around and say to us that they can't protect our Children.
I think that's why Molly Stories probably taken off that it is a modern day nightmare.
I'm interested to find out what the attitude is in the States.
I believe that all those things have changed.
I don't think they've changed quickly enough, and I don't think that companies have taken it seriously straight.
I personally have had as young as seven year old who have had a full on attempt of suicide.
Free Hess is a pediatric dr that works in an emergency room in Florida, so we're going to see young adult male who is here for a suicide attempt.
When did you start harming about the age of 12?
Well, this one probably required stitches, but I didn't get it stitched time on any of these.
This one probably needed stitches.
Also, the way numbers are rising rapidly, ages, air decreasing significantly.
Do you think thats is connected with socially absolutely, absolutely connection with social, which is not working in the ER Doctor Hess from its website.
There's regular doses videos with vice so that parents can understand that sort of things they Children might be getting up to online.
We can go right in here, and that's pretty graphic.
It doesn't it doesn't get much more graphic than that, Um, and that just continues on.
And I don't know that there's one picture here that's not showing blood or a scar of some sort like a grooming process that's happening on these platforms, especially an instagram, because, you know, you follow one hashtag to another, hashtag to another hashtag, and it's grooming that person to self harm or consider suicide more and maybe even take action on that.
So many of them are our video, a ah young girl sitting in the bathtub slitting one rest, followed by the other.
I even I get Terry watching it.
It's just it's awful.
If it could be one post that makes that child say she did it, I can do it, too.
I think I'm probably disappointed that there's so much material still just so easily found.
I was rather hoping that the steps taken would have made at least harder to find that stuff.
Didn't think it would have all gone money.
What I knew hadn't gone.
But it's just so much of it.
And at 5 38 he found her lifeless mommy dyin.
Grossman is the mother of Mallory Grossman.
Sadly, Diane's another parent, bereaved by suicide, and she goes into schools and gives extraordinary talks to quite young Children there.
I remember when I went to Kansas City, Missouri, one building one high school had nine suicides in one year, nine Children.
Hindsight is cruel.
Hindsight is very cruel.
That's the toughest thing to cope with.
It is, it is.
I share that people think that the worst day of my life was the day that she died, and I was saying, No, it's the day before It was the day before is a 1,000,000 things you wish you'd done differently.
Defined images like this telling people held a self harm people didn't ways of self harming.
You can't fix me with the scars in the background.
The tech companies.
They should see parents like you and I and invite us to their board room and say, Help us, help you Right?
If I could sit down at the table with Mark Zuckerberg, right, I would ask him, Could I make your product better?
Could I make it safer?
What a great way for you to Adeboye each other and high five each other in the board room.
If you actually put in infrastructure in a system to protect Children, it's being them.
It's been amazing.
Keep it at work.
Bit of a pilgrimage because Molly could sing her way through all of Hamilton and we've got tickets to see in London.
She was looking forward to going to see is a family.
The January after her death, we all went along, missing one of us common sense media is a big American, not for profit organization, that it's run by Jim Steyer.
It's amazing to me that is a father.
You're willing to come, and he's determined to make the Internet a better place for people to years.
This is a huge problem, and the lack of responsibility of the social media platforms is absolutely mind boggling and absolutely disgraceful.
They are literally turning over our kids lives.
This is a matter of life and death in some cases two algorithms, algorithms that are focused on one thing only increasing the number of views and therefore the advertising revenue for that platform.
It is beyond disgraceful and beyond reprehensible.
So it is clear to May that they can and should be regulated.
They're much harder to find.
I think that there are still some, even if it's one in 100 that's stay on this site because we haven't found them yet.
Our technology hasn't got it hasn't become as strong as it needs to be to find all of them.
I don't think will ever be in a place for every single image that violates our policies off of our platform.
but it's our responsibility to get that.
Number two is close to zero Molly's death and, more specifically, the work that our parents have done in the wake of that tragedy, which I honestly can't begin to imagine what they have gone through.
I have Children of my own, but the work that they have done has raise an immense amount of awareness and an important issue for me personally.
For Instagram more broadly but also for the industry and has translated into a lot of concrete changes, changes in policies, changes to what shows up where an Instagram Mawr investment in finding people who might be at risk and those effects are real and they're important.
So her legacy, maybe to make social media a safer place.
I, I would I would deeply hope so.
I absolutely sound sincere.
I just hope he delivers, because every week that that content is still there.
And in the UK there are four more school ways.
Children who were dying by suicide, for example.
It's there is a pressure of time is the pressure of time, and the price is the price of Children's lives.
Okay, so we're Manhattan were here to see the c e o of crisis text line waken.
Talk to you in a decision making moment.
Am I going to swallow this bottle of pills?
Nancy Lubin said.
Crisis text line.
And she's a real life while real dynamite on lots of energy.
Lots of drive In our conversations with Molly's age group with that 14 to 17 year old age group, 38% of those conversations explicitly mentioned suicidal ideation.
It is the most suicidal age group that we see.
Here's the strange thing I love to be put out of business.
My my dream.
I'm not a for profit crisis Tech sign shall We are not for profit were NGOs were here for the public.
My real dream would be for us to go out of business someday because people don't need us more.
Unfortunately, right now I'm in a growth business.
Pain pain seems to be a growth business in both of our countries.
Is just such a waste.
It's just so sad.
So Alicia Dolores is another Aaron bereaved by suicide.
I, uh, daughter Alexandra ended her life completely unexpectedly.
We thought we had a daughter who was happy.
He thought she was okay.
And inside she was.
She was.
That's, um you could be describing Morley.
So these were These were Alexander's journals.
Um, we found these on the bridge.
That's just like a thing we found in Mali's books.
The's big school.
The angry words, uh, I can't do this.
Yeah, it just wasn't It wasn't the girl we knew.
Um, yeah.
This is hard.
Yeah, there's a lot of other kids out there that are just like her And don't say anything, you know, because it's not okay to talk about, you know, So Uncle had it's starting to get talked about.
Is that one of the reasons you'll during?
I am.
Um, like, I want parents to know.
I want kids to know that, uh, this is what happens when you don't speak up.
I think in many ways Molly's with me every day, and I've wondered what she might might have thought had she still been alive about such things.
And I think she was such a such a force for good.
She always wanted to help.
So I'm pretty certain that she would pushing for change so that young people was safer when they were online.
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Molly Russell: Did her death change social media? - BBC News

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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