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good evening.
The new Brexit proposals, unveiled by Boris Johnson have already provoked a wave of skepticism both at Westminster and across the U.
The Irish government says it has deep concerns on the European Council.
President says he is unconvinced the main proposals relate to Northern Ireland.
It would stay in the EU single market for all goods on that would mean accepting you rules and standards.
But crucially, Northern Ireland would leave the customs union on.
That would mean new customs checks on the island of Ireland.
But all of this would depend on a future vote by the Northern Ireland Assembly.
And that is a body which is currently suspended.
Our deputy political editor, John Pino, has the latest.
There is some flash photography coming up.
Boris Johnson's looking serious.
And no wonder can you get a deal, Prime minister.
Truth is, he doesn't know, but his plan today toned down the fighting talk in the Commons.
The statement Prime minister speaker wasn't attacking him for once sore throat.
But today, the PM's message I've compromised.
Now it's your turn.
We have made a genuine attempt to bridge the chasm to reconcile the apparently irreconcilable Andi to go the extra mile as time runs short.
Still the same warning, though Britain would leave with no deal if it had to.
If our European neighbours choose not to show a corresponding willingness to reach a deal, then we shall have to leave on October the 31st without an agreement on on the U side today.
A deal looked far from certain not a no from the Irish leader on a visit to Stockholm, but he wasn't convinced.
The proposals that have been put forward by the UK are certainly welcome in the sense that we now have written proposals that we can engage on, but they do fall short in a number of aspects.
There are plenty of doubts to overcome, the European Parliament's Brexit steering group said.
Mr Johnson's plan breached agreed principles.
We are very skeptical about this proposal because mainly it is repackaging uh the old proposals that have already been discussed.
Boris Johnson's offer was never likely to be bought by the U.
As it stands, the prime minister is about to take his case to European leaders, hoping they'll compromise in the end rather than face the disruption of a no deal Brexit.
If there is a deal and that's still a big if the prime minister could get it through Parliament.
Not without a fight are not without help from Labour.
MPs prepared to defy their leader on vote alongside him Deal or no deal?
Certainly nothing the PM says or does seems that's all likely to get Jeremy Corbyn onside.
No Labour MP could support such a reckless deal.
There will be used as a springboard used as a springboard to attack writes on standards in this country.
Hard maybe, for Theresa May to hear her Brexit deal rubbished and then watch Brexit territories and conservative outcasts praising her successes.
Efforts Prime minister to go to his you colleagues with some confidence and to tell them that there is every likelihood, if not certainty, that this proposition will command the support of the House of Commons.
Can I welcome very much the pragmatic approach on the demeanor that the girlfriend has taken today and look to our European neighbours?
I might say the leader of the opposition to respond in kind inside Downing Street.
The diaries, full diplomatic talks, meetings with sceptical MPs.
The prime minister can say he's optimistic that doesn't guarantee a happy ending.
John Pienaar, BBC News.
Westminster Well, whatever might be finally agreed on the border between Northern Ireland on the Republic, it will be the businesses on the ground that will have to make it work.
There's things stand.
Many companies say that they are worried about any prospect off.
More regulations on customs checks are.
Northern Ireland business correspondent John Campbell explains.
There's already a sort of border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK All live animals coming in from Great Britain are checked at this inspection post.
Under the prime minister's plan, these checks would be extended to food and other goods.
That's because Northern Ireland would continue to follow the U standards on rules needed to keep the land border open.
The rest of the UK would not.
But for businesses like this near the border with the Irish Republic, it's the other part of the plan to do with customs.
That's the big worry thief proposal would mean the whole of the UK leaving the EU's customs union.
That inevitably means a new customs border in Ireland is that's a good dick.
Well, what a good deal with new requirements for cross border traders.
We would be exporting on a daily basis to the Republic of Ireland on, but sometimes we would have orders for the Republic of Ireland, which would possibly goaded on the goal, then come back and it's turban.
I can't imagine how we're going to be able to put export orders on Northern Ireland orders on the same truck in the future.
Prime minister believes the impact of this customs border can be minimized.
Instead of customs posts at the frontier, the border would effectively come here to the factory or warehouse.
Most customs checks and formalities would take place in the company premises.
But even if this could be met toe work, it will have cost I'm complexity to cross border tree.
There are other worries for businesses like this printing firm.
Northern Ireland won't automatically follow the U rules necessary to keep the border open.
Instead, the Northern Ireland Assembly, it's torment, will have to approve this arrangement every four years.
I just don't think that would be accepted by by the European Union and Old Storm.
It's not a sovereign government, it's a regional government.
European Union only only works with sovereign governments on.
You know, we haven't had a storm and executive for over 1000 days.
They can't decide on very, very small things high and God's name.
Would we ever be able to get them to the side and something that's enough against?
Is this how to solve?
Northern Ireland's border issue has been the question that's bedeviled this Brexit process.
The prime minister may think he's phoned his answer.
Much of Northern Ireland business disagrees.
John Campbell, BBC News Londonderry It hasn't just being the island of Ireland, north and south of the border.
Reacting to the prime minister's new Brexit proposals throughout the day, there has bean reaction across the you, too.
Boris Johnson's plans are Europe editor.
Catchy Adler joins us from Brussels.
Are we saying, basically, that there's no hope for these plans?
As far as Brussels is concerned?
Well, you could say that the prime minister is stuck between the rock and hard place.
He seems cautiously optimistic that the majority of MPs would support his new Brexit proposals, but the U doesn't on.
If he moves closer to the EU's position, say over customs, then he risks losing support from hardline brexiteers at home.
So now what?
While the U Mood can probably best be summed up in a tweet today from the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, he said he spoke to the Irish prime minister, Ante Boris Johnson, today.
His message to Dublin was that the U fully stands behind island, meaning that it won't abandon Irish interest just to get a deal on to Boris Johnson.
He said that the U remains open to his proposals, but unconvinced.
The prime minister's main you envoy is in Brussels tonight and tomorrow trying to do some heavy convincing on the EU's chief Brexit negotiator has a string of questions for him.
You see, the U worries that the prime minister's proposals aren't legally watertight, that they exposed the European single market to smuggling.
On that they put the Northern Ireland peace process at risk.
Michelle Barnier says he wants to suss out the U.
K's room for maneuver.
Can Boris Johnson budge any further on depending on the answers he get?
Mr Barnier says he'll tell Germany and France on the rest of the EU whether he thinks it's in their interest to keep negotiating once again.
Thanks very much.
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Brexit: EU ‘unconvinced’ at Boris Johnson’s proposals - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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