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  • now, as you know, the Corona virus is causing concern the world over.

  • But the World Health Organization has this message for us.

  • People had suddenly the impression that the virus was in the air on de.

  • Everybody will go under, the cloud of virus will be infected, so this is not the situation.

  • Currently, the virus is transmitted through droplets and you need a close contact to be infected.

  • No doubt the reaction to this virus has been considerable.

  • The media, including the BBC, has given extensive coverage.

  • Many governments have acted decisively to restrict people arriving from China or bring their own people home.

  • And today we had this update from the British Foreign Office saying it now recommends that British nationals who are able to leave China so that is a lot British nationals in every part of China.

  • It's also useful to put the scale of this crisis in perspective.

  • We noticed the US Health Journalist List's Arvo saying Look, there have been 425 deaths from Corona virus all over the world.

  • Meanwhile, 10,000 Americans have died from the flu this season and flu season hasn't even Pete's, their worldwide flu kills over 600,000 people a year.

  • They're up to 11 5 million cases off each year.

  • You could compare that to the roughly 20,000 cases of Corona virus of the moment.

  • Yet because of these cases, 22 countries have introduced trade and or travel restrictions.

  • Here's the World Health Organization on that.

  • Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma with little public ALS benefit.

  • And this is what China's representative told the W H O Way.

  • Believe over a reaction by adopting restriction, Isolation and the blocking mirrors are not beneficial to international collaboration, and such mirrors may lead to more company.

  • Kate.

  • Id out common interference on prevention and control efforts and certainly China's under pressure on a range of fronts Taiwan is in launched an extraordinary attack, accusing the Chinese of failing to release up today.

  • Information.

  • Never listen the Chinese government brutally and unreasonably pressuring Taiwan on the international stage.

  • They're putting political considerations over people's health and safety.

  • This basically is extremely vile.

  • There's history here, of course.

  • Taiwan's not a W H o member because of China's objections, and while Taiwan meant it maintains its independence, Beijing considers it to be part of China, so every disagreement between the two has to be listened to.

  • With that in mind, another aspect of this story is the illegal wildlife trade in China.

  • The Politburo Standing Committee.

  • This is the top political leadership in China has now come out to say it's necessary to strengthen market supervision, resolutely ban and severely crackdown on illegal wildlife markets and trey.

  • Now this is an issue because markets selling live animals are known to be a potential source of diseases that are new to humans and the virus which started in the city of Wuhan.

  • While there's speculation that it perhaps found its origin in this market in the city, his Navin seen Katica from BBC World Service on that So major international conservation organisations, what they're saying is China needs to cash in on this opportunity the situation on turn this temporary ban into a permanent one because, as you know, China is the biggest consumer off.

  • While like products both legal and illegal, there has been treatment has been under tremendous pressure for quite some time now.

  • Back in 2003 when when we had the SAS outbreak, the Chinese government did put a temporary ban back then as well.

  • But then, within a few months, this business, why life business came back and then it was.

  • Business as usual are China's leadership has admitted shortcomings and deficiencies in its response to this crisis.

  • That's a rare admission on the Politburo Standing Committee, has said.

  • We must improve our national emergency management system and improve our abilities in handling urgent and dangerous tasks.

  • But we know that some warnings were ignored or silence.

  • Let's focus on this doctor.

  • He was working at Wuhan Central Hospital.

  • He noticed seven cases that he thought looked like SARS.

  • That's a virus that lead to a global epidemic in 2003 and in December, he posted a warning about a potential outbreak in a chat group with fellow medics.

  • Shortly afterwards, he was summoned by police and accused of making false statements on being told he'd severely disturbed the social order.

  • He was then given this document to sign on, while most of it actually involved language from the authorities rather than from him, he was told.

  • We solemnly warn you, if you keep being stubborn with such impertinence and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice.

  • Is that understood?

  • Underneath it?

  • Dr Lee wrote.

  • Yes, I do well from there.

  • In January, officials in Wuhan were insisting that only those who came into contact with infected animals could catch this virus.

  • That wasn't true.

  • Also, no guidance was issued to protect doctors, and then Dr Lee fell ill.

  • But it wasn't until 10 days later, on the 20th of January, that China actually declared an emergency.

  • By the end of January, Dr Lee posted this picture with the words Finally diagnosed.

  • He had the virus, while Stephanie, hefty from BBC World Service, has been looking into more details in his case.

  • He's still in isolation and he's in I C.

  • U.

  • But he's able to text and he's been able to post on social media definitely not out of the woods.

  • But he's doing OK and have there been sanctions for him sharing his diagnosis well.

  • The strange thing is that he's clearly had the confidence to share this story towards the end of end of January, and that may be because though he was disciplined by the local police, the central authority in Beijing then criticised the police for that move, so that appears to have given in the confidence, then start sharing his story, which is quite strange for doctors in move on or doctors involved in this crisis.

  • We haven't seen many of them speaking out or any that have their posts been taken down or delete it.

  • This has been up for 45 days now.

  • Well, I was going to ask you about that.

  • You've written extensively about this on the BBC news website.

  • How easy is it to communicate with this doctor, or indeed, any doctors in blue?

  • It's not easy, and that's I think Dr Lee's case is a clear example of just how well China can control the narrative of this story.

  • And they've been doing that except by deleting posts by going to people's houses and telling them to be quiet as we saw Dr Lee.

  • And it's a very impressive control structure.

  • Now you're a population specialist for the BBC World Service.

  • I wonder to what degree the changing nature of China's population and where it lives more in cities less in the countryside, is impacting on how China responds to this crisis.

  • Well, it's probably not a coincidence of this happened just as China was undertaking the biggest human migration in our history.

  • This estimate of three billion trips taken over the case of 40 days.

  • This happened banks up in the middle of that, while people were celebrating Chinese New Year on one of the really important things in terms of locking it down was stopping people from moving something people from returning back after the holidays.

  • That's easier said than done, though presumably, yeah, for sure.

  • And it's not just travel within China on trains and planes.

  • But in the past 10 years, we've seen global number of passengers taking airplanes double on most of that growth is happening in China.

now, as you know, the Corona virus is causing concern the world over.

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The Chinese doctor who tried to warn others about coronavirus - BBC News

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