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if you don't understand the history of you know, African Americans in this country, you don't understand why this happened.
It started off as a protest and for us to protest for his brother.
What a scene that turn in tow.
Everything that's pretty much damaged when we came back.
And I don't know, it's like as if people saw our our sadness when when they passed by and they were like, Can we help?
You said Yeah, sure, Why not?
And they came in and help us clean your dirty.
It has to do with years, years off, being justice, police brutality.
You know, in fairness s old, that is accomplished together.
We get where we are right now.
Now something that happened overnight.
So I, as a black person, does a black man.
I wanted to be safe.
I wanted to be feel accountable.
When I call the police for help, we're gonna drop off the fans that are in the back of your car and the medical supplies at the Sheraton.
His idea of friends who know me and trust me be Teoh.
Get buns to me, My sister, my mom, to go out on the supply runs has been a really great way of showcasing that mutual aid works and get back since community a lot more quicker than maybe a larger non profit can.
Thank you so much.
Amazing big use and communities The neighborhoods that have had their become overnight food, deserts and pharmacy desert still haven't gone that supplies directly to their hands.
Yet without those initial protests and even the protests that are going on now.
Many of the changes that we've been seeing over the past couple of days when it has occurred and so everyone I feel like has a different role in this.
We can rebuild our business, but it's hard to bring back someone we have lost from our community, and I was just killed right in our backyard.
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George Floyd: The Minneapolis’ community at the heart of the protests - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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