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It was very smiley.
It was very, very intelligent when she met him.
You just look with him straight away.
That's I always like to say before so proud of him.
I'm so proud to your sister.
Thistles Logan Wallace Croft toasting a marshmallow on giving it to his evil sister, his family say, For a few months last summer, this kind and thoughtful Logan disappeared.
But on the morning of the 21st of August, he was back.
That was sad story, Michael.
As I left he told me that he loved me and I can't remember the last time they told me they loved me And I never said it back to it will not back to remember.
But I remember turning around and he still wavy do that with.
And he did that to you, me and brought by.
I said, I'm proud off you.
And I said, You are proud of you too.
And he said, No, don't listen to me.
I'm proud of you.
I want you to know I'm proud of you.
A few hours later, Steve found out Logan had gone to a cliff near their home.
Steve went to find him.
I found eight crumbs, empty bags, cocaine bags, dis rano it pull day to some Pepsi.
The police asked me where I thought Iwas and I just knew that he had gone over.
So I came home and I have to tell Tillie Brewery died, Um, which brings hope.
Cocaine was once only for the rich, but now it's affordable and accessible.
Recent Home Office figures show.
Last year the numbers of people taking Class A drugs in England and Wales reach record levels, mainly due to young adults.
Academics and doctors say these are some of the reasons there's being a rise in the number of alcohol and cocaine related deaths over the past two decades.
162 people died in England and Wales last year.
Leading pathologists has called the mixture of alcohol and cocaine a deadly combination there, of course, the health risks, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.
There's also the chance of increased, risky or dangerous behavior.
Research from the US suggests it could also increase the chance of suicide by 16 times alcohol and cocaine.
A very different pharmacologically alcohol is a depressant.
It tends to kind of increase the levels of Gabba in the brain, which is like the brains handbrake on does the thing that makes it an Angus elliptic.
It makes us feel less anxious.
You add cocaine into that mix on what you have is almost like a rocket fueled kind of increasing an impulsivity, which really perhaps gives people the driver to to complete an act that they may not otherwise do.
It's like crossing the road in front of a car speeding towards you.
You make those kind of decisions with the Victoria Adoption Program has found that have recently bean at least 13 self inflicted deaths.
After alcohol and cocaine were taken, the majority of them were hangings.
This includes the Love Island contestants, Mike Fallacy Tous on Sophie Graydon.
Also, Sophie's boyfriends are in Armstrong, who took his own life just weeks after her.
The trouble that we and academics have found is there's currently no standardized statistics for these type of deaths.
After consulting experts, we found these figures by searching through local and national media articles.
It's thought the number of deaths could be even higher.
We've been told the way coroner's record their conclusions could be obscuring emerging trends in difficult cases.
In the inquest, we found where the deceased hang themselves.
A conclusion of suicide wasn't always recorded.
Narrative or open conclusions were.
Instead, at one inquest, where a man hanged himself after taking alcohol and cocaine, the coroner recorded a narrative verdict, saying the deceased took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.
It's unfortunate we're having more and more deaths of this nature, the Ministry of Justice says.
While corners contribute to death statistics, it's not their legal function.
Along with the 13 deaths we found, there were five more where cocaine and alcohol were consumed and suicide considered.
The coroner's concluded there wasn't enough evidence.
One of those was Logan.
In the three months before his death, Logan became increasingly volatile and pressed.
The 21 year olds family say he'd made some new friends, and it started taking cocaine and drinking heavily.
He left some notes for his family, but the coroner said Logan could have fallen while intoxicated on open conclusion was recorded.
Do you think alcohol and cocaine killed Logan?
Yes, 100% Teoh mix stimulant with depressant, which is what you do it.
It muggles your brain off completely and you just don't know where you are.
Some with mental health problems may take cocaine and drink to self medicate.
For others, the mixture can cause mental health issues.
At the age of 30 Paula Reece was battling alcoholism.
She began taking cocaine to curb her drinking.
I couldn't have one line.
I could never have one drink, no, come together and together created that boom, the bomb.
In my mind, there was a sense of paranoia.
It was a point where I used to feel that was being recorded whenever I waas.
Um, so I knew it was going a bit crazy.
That student put down to the drugs and drink.
I just thought me mad and an iced unplug or the electrical equipment with green lights because I was convinced that was cameras.
I said my ear to the floor cause I thought people were underground.
It tried to take her own life on two occasions.
Those two drugs get me away from any sense of responsibility, any sense of reality, and I didn't think of any consequences.
In fact, I didn't care.
Paula is now clean and works for recovery Lighthouse.
It's part of you can't group of rehabs, which have seen alcohol and cocaine admissions double in four years.
When you mix alcohol and cocaine together, the liver produces a substance called Coke ethylene.
It's thought this could lead to reckless behavior, violent thoughts on the increased risk of suicide.
However, the Royal College of Psychiatrists says other factors, like a person's genes and their environments, will also come into play on that more research is needed.
We've had 28% funding cuts in the last five years at the same time as we have.
This increases in usage, which seems really inexplicable to those of us working in the field.
But our biggest concern, obviously, is the impact on on the individual and their families because people often get into the habitual use of alcohol and then they add cocaine into that and it becomes a very toxic mix.
The Department of Health says it's investing millions into suicide Prevention, has commissioned an independent review of drugs, and it's setting up alcohol care teams In some hospitals.
You can see the cliff where Logan died from the Waters Crofts Garden, Logan's cats occasionally me owls.
When you say Logan's name, when the family needs an escape.
They go to the carriage where they keep Logan's car.
Pretty much everything is revolved around Logan.
The Willis crafts are now raising money to support mental health and suicide awareness services in the Mat lock area.
No, they recently did a five day, grueling coast to coast bike ride cycling nearly 200 miles.
It's kind of escapism for me.
I'm listening to Logan's play list and, you know, I just pretend he's with me behind me or something.
You're just lovely.
And I think to think of something like this change in someone in such a drastic way like a boy.
You had everything.
It just shows what it really come do Teoh.
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Cocaine and alcohol a 'deadly combination' - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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