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the prime minister has outlined measures to start a very gradual easing off the lock down in England while warning off the danger off a second surge of the pandemic.
In a televised address this evening, Boris Johnson said it was the right time to update the government's message in England from stay at home to stay alert.
But the new message lacks clarity.
According to Labour, on the stay at home message is not being replaced in Scotland, Wales or in Northern Ireland.
Now the prime minister's conditional plan is, he called it urges anyone who can't work from home to return to work from tomorrow but to avoid public transport if possible From Wednesday, people will be encouraged to exercise as much as they want.
But playing sports can only be done with members off the same household.
From June, Schools in England could see a partial reopening starting at primary level in reception and years one and six.
There are no plans for a full return off secondary schools before September, but pupils facing exams next year might get some time with their teachers before the summer from July at the earliest parts of the hospitality industry and other public places might be reopened on.
There could be some kind of quarantine for air travelers arriving in the UK, but we have no details on that yet.
Prime Minister spoke on the day that the latest official figures showed 31,855 deaths from Corona virus in the U.
That's an increase off 269 from yesterday.
Well, our first report is from our political editor, Laura Ginsburg.
It is now almost two months, 48 days since so many of us tuned in restrictions on their freedom to hear the prime minister introduced measures not seen in a time of peace after seven weeks of lock down around the country, people watching again on you, shown from the living rooms and homes where the prime minister told us to stay.
Thanks to you, we protected our NHS and saved many thousands of lives.
And so I know you know that it would be madness now to throw away that achievement by allowing a second spike, we must stay alert.
We must continue to control the virus and save lives.
Although lock down, help control the disease, it's crippled the economy.
So in England, if you can't work at home, ministers want you to go back to help struggling businesses get going again.
We can see it all around us in the shuttered shops and abandoned businesses and darkened pubs on restaurants.
And there are millions of people who are both fearful of this terrible disease and at the same time also fifth of what this long period of enforced in activity will do to their livelihoods on their mental and physical well being to their futures in the futures of their Children.
So I want to provide tonight for you the shape of a plan to address both fears.
That means slowly in England, limits on exercise will be relaxed.
You can sit in the park and play some sports on, a government official confirmed.
You could meet one person from another household as long as you stick to the two meter distance, and if you can't work at home, you'll be actively encouraged to go to work from June.
The ambition is to reopen primary schools for reception year one and year six, but no full return for secondaries before the summer.
There could also be a phased reopening of shops.
Then in July, the hope is for a limited return of the hospitality industry.
Andi opening other public spaces.
But this is all dependent on higher.
The disease progresses, and if it flares, restrictions might return.
No, this is not the time simply to end the lock down this week.
Instead, we're taking the first careful steps to modify our measures.
If there are outbreaks, if there are problems, we will not hesitate to put on the brakes.
We've been through the initial peak, but it's coming down the mountain that is often mawr dangerous.
We have a route when we have a plan.
Everyone in government has the all consuming pressure and challenge to save lines, restore livelihoods and gradually restore the freedoms that we need.
A neighbor called for an exit strategy several weeks ago, but the leader, watching carefully, was disappointed with what he hard.
What the country wanted tonight was clarity and consensus on afraid.
We've got neither.
This'll statement raises as many questions as dances on.
We see the prospect of England, Scotland and Wales pulling in different directions.
It's a big gap here for the government to make up the UK government's new message, Stay Alert is designed to cover all sorts of different sectors, and advice is the situation involves to help save lives, stay home.
But Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland are sticking to the message.
Stay at home.
The disease is thought to be spreading faster there.
Nicholas Sturgeon, obviously unimpressed.
They have asked the U K government not to deploy.
They're STI elect advertising campaign in Scotland because the message in Scotland at this stage is not stay at home, if you can.
The messages, except for the essential reasons you know about stay at home full stop.
If I say to you, my message now is still there and you say to me.
But does that mean I stay at home or not?
I can't give you a straight answer.
We've been following the route family and Wolverhampton coping with lock down.
Tonight's message gave them some comfort, but questions to just before a lot down.
We were used to launch a clothing business on with manufacturing now on the cards, and that certainly gives us something to think about disappointingly.
For May, there was no mention of family, and when we were when we can see people from outside of the household.
And I lost my dad recently and I'm missing my mom and the Children of missing their nanny.
This emergency first required a rapid response from the Downing Street desk.
This unfolding face brings pressing questions of detail on dilemmas not just about his decisions but also all of errors.
Laura Ginsburg, BBC News, Westminster Laura said there at the end of the piece, three step plan announced by the prime minister will affect the everyday lives of tens of millions of people in England on the plan has already triggered lots of questions on demands for more detail are north of England.
Correspondent Danny Savage has Bean to Cheshire to speak to three households there.
It is now almost two months since the people of this country.
At seven o'clock this evening, the nation's sat down to watch what the prime minister had to say on then digest what it meant to their lives.
What changes should they prepare for?
What problems does it cause I can't see?
Ian has three daughters, icons Egan again on the bus or a train.
The oldest to are not in school years earmarked to return to class, but the youngest could be heading back in June.
I think we have seen the sun, the importance of education for the kids and the social aspect.
But we don't if it's safe to have one going in and to not and how the teachers going to cope, particularly in reception that with the year going back for us, how do you tell foreign five year olds to be distant from each other?
I think it might be quite scared for four or five years to be sat around with masks on and to have teachers that have Marshawn etcetera over the road.
Titch and Reg were hoping for an indication of when they could see their family again.
Haven't seen the Liverpool grandchildren since January.
I haven't seen the reading Children since January, but they think restrictions should have been extended under now.
Worried we were like, Well, that's another three weeks.
Never mind the grandchildren.
Let's let's make it safe.
I mean, obviously register situation.
We just want to get it there.
I mean, I'm diabetic and I've had five different concepts.
I don't think that people in this country in England will stay at home.
They have stopped to go help now.
Well, that doesn't on.
Does that worry you?
That worries me because it's moral.
I'm more likely to get it.
More people go out there.
Neighbor Matt works for a logistics company, sometimes at home, sometimes in the office.
The office is.
We've also got set up so that anyone that has to come into the office, they are at least two meters apart.
So I think from that point of view, if you've done what you should have done for the past 34 weeks, you will be OK.
But there's one big concern.
What message do we give to our staff tomorrow?
No, you've got coming to work the car because they can't use anyone.
The kids can't go to school.
They can't go to baby sitters, the country to grandparent's.
So again, it's just confusion.
Behind the front doors of Britain, people are now working out what Boris Johnson's words being to them.
How will their lives work with the new guidelines?
Danny Savage, BBC News, Cheshire.
Let's go live to Westminster and talk to Laura, our political editor.
Lots of questions.
We heard them on the reports there about clarity.
Now where do you think this statement fits?
In terms of the picture off, the need for clarity?
I think it's very difficult human first and foremost.
What this statement does not mean is the end off the UK wide lock down far from it on, despite expectations that may have been raised or what people perhaps were hoping for.
That is not the end of very major restrictions and limits being placed on all our lives, and it was never going to be.
What it is, though, in England at least, is the beginning of baby steps of many months of gradual starts off life, returning to a different new kind of normal.
But because the lock down affected pretty much every aspect of our life, that means for every single one of those aspect, the government is going to have to come up with an answer on a 13 minute speech from one of the desks in Downing Street.
Didn't provide, perhaps could never have provided every single bit of specific information, But I think if you like that has tonight created some very real and immediate questions for people.
If they haven't heard from their employer.
Should they go to work tomorrow?
Should people decide to behave differently tomorrow should they go out?
Whereas previously they had been deciding to stay behind closed doors?
Now it's important to say.
Tomorrow the government will publish 50 page document that should give detailed answers in black and white to many of these kinds of dilemmas.
But it feels a bit a ziff after political pressure to set an exit strategy on an understandable desire in government to move towards the next phase.
It's a bit like Boris Johnson has given us a rough map of where we might go drawn in marker, with few of the finer details and contours in place.
Names there for a soul to see Laura.
Many thanks again, Lord Ginsburg there with analysis at Westminster.
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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson announces gradual easing of lockdown - BBC News

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林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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