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The global death toll from this pandemic is now over 7.5 1000.
And there are more than 190,000 cases gonna bring you up to date on the situation in a number of countries over the next few minutes.
These are some of the most recent pictures to come in.
This is from Barcelona, where people have been out on their balconies playing instruments, sometimes alongside each other.
You could see a young guy.
They're playing the saxophone.
This is inside a rest home in Japan, where people have been exercising indoors because they're allowed to go outside.
And remember, the forest is particularly deadly for elderly people on Remember, Japan has the most elderly population in the world, so particular care is being taken.
Are these people exercising outside on their rooftops in Rome, being in part in coordination with other neighbors across the way, you can see most them still staying a little distance apart, not so active in Venice.
But these police are out on the streets to make sure quarantine regulations are being observed very mind.
Across Italy, people can only leave their homes if they have an urgent work reason or they need to get some food.
We're gonna focus a little more on Italy now because more than 2.5 1000 people have died there and there are over 30,000 cases.
It's the worst affected country.
Aside from China on as we've been discussing over the last month, the north of Italy is really the center of this outbreak.
While The New York Times, the daily podcast, has spoken to a doctor in Bergamo.
This is Professor Fabiano de Marco.
He's head of a respiratory unit.
There, he says, doctors are making life and death decisions.
They're admitting up to 70 critically ill patients a day and that some patients are dying alone because the staff are overwhelmed.
Inevitably, some of those staff are also becoming ill.
Here's more of what he know.
The New York Times.
If I allow, why not to relative to come to the hospital?
I have to give them these, but we do not.
If this cross what you need them for doctors.
Yeah, they cannot receive the relative in hospital, so the patients are alone and they die alone.
While this evening, EU leaders, including Italy's prime minister, agreed to close Europe's borders for 30 days, They are establishing some fast track lanes to allow goods to come between countries.
Even so, this is just an additional measure on top of strident restrictions already bear mine.
Italy has been under a complete lock down for close to a week Now.
Scenic attach is in Rome a display of resilience and solidarity.
Locals in Rome feeling optimistic about what lies ahead as the country tackles the worst health crisis in a generation.
How do you feel the government is doing?
Sorry, Prime Minister.
Do you agree with what is happening?
Because right.
I never see room in the Indies.
A situation popular streets empty, no tourists, nothing open.
Orlando is a taxi driver.
He tells us the soul has been ripped out of Italy.
I am not B C because of the running people.
Only to the hospital.
Uh um, Some duties, Bob.
Very body.
The country has enforced rules preventing people from moving around.
Stay indoors.
Especially if you're older.
They're told that summer, choosing to rebel the life for people who are under to stay indoors.
Yes, yes, we know, you know, because we think way have to walk a little bit.
Every two days, we take a walk.
Let's hear a little more about how daily life has changed in Rome.
Here's another resident of the city.
We feel a bit more lonely.
We feel a little bit more segregated.
We feel a little more bored than we used to s.
So I think we we kind of changed our our daily life on Duh.
I really hope that will help us toe understand that maybe we needed to slow down a little bit.
Well, from Europe to the U.
There are now nearly 6000 cases there on the death toll has reached 100.
This maps being released by the primary US government body on this issue the CDC, and it shows us that there's only one state.
West Virginia, which has no reported cases on.
Also, the CDC continues to push messages that are now very familiar.
It says Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Wash your hands often avoid touching your face, knows an ISA.
And while the CDC plays its role in this health emergency stay, Donald Trump turned to the strain on the U.
economy Justus Boris Johnson did here in the UK, and President Trump unveiled a raft of measures, including payments to small businesses, loan guarantees and deferred personal tax payments.
Here's a little of the statement from area.
We want to go big, go solid.
The country is very strong.
We've never been so strong, and that's what we're going to be doing.
We don't want with this invisible enemy.
We don't want airlines going out of business.
We don't want people losing their jobs or not having money to live when they were doing very well just four weeks ago.
So we're going big, and that's the way it will be.
And that's the way everybody seems to like it on the hill.
Let's bring in Gary O.
Donohue, who is live with us from the US Gary, the president's saying Everyone likes it this way on the Hill.
Is that true?
Is it got bipartisan support?
Well, the tone has changed on the Hill.
There's no question about that, Roz.
It's much more.
There's much more sort of bipartisan tour going on up there.
They're not yelling at one another.
Frankly, as they normally are on, what's gonna happen is that there's a bill going through at the moment.
That's where that sort of $100 billion in help.
But it's a much bigger one being talked about.
Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader up there.
He's got set up a group of task forces to look at different areas of the economy.
Individuals on the minor hand the airline industry on the other small business.
On the other, they're gonna draw something up and then try and knock out a deal with their Democratic counterparts.
By the time all this has piled up, you could be looking.
But somewhere in the region of a trillion dollar $1000 billion bailout situation, you just quickly before we go into another issue.
I think a lot of people are wondering how quickly can this be turned round?
How quickly can money actually reach people?
Well, the Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, stay says he wants checks, literally checks to go out to Americans within the next two weeks.
Now that won't be all Americans.
He doesn't want to give them to millionaires, as people will argue is pretty fair.
But it might be people on maybe $75,000 or less or $100,000 or less, and you're looking at a handout, maybe $1000 ALS.
This detail is to be hammered out, and that seems to be the preferred system of help that the Trump Administration wants to use rather than doing anything with payroll taxes, which you wouldn't see for months and months and months.
So, Gary, that's the first story I want to ask you about here the second because there is now increasing tension between China and the US in the middle of this crisis.
Today, Beijing announced that all U.
S journalists working for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post they're gonna be expelled.
They've got just 10 days to leave.
And this looks like a direct response to this tweet yesterday from Donald Trump, in which he referred to Covert 19 as the Chinese virus.
Now, of course, it isn't a Chinese virus.
It's a virus that started in China, and the president will surely have expected response.
Spare mind.
Back in February, China expelled three journalists from The Wall Street Journal in connection with this article with the headline China is the Rial Sick Man, of Asia, Beijing said.
That was racist, and so it took action on Gary to bring you back in here.
There may be people watching his would think the thinking let the Democrats and the Republicans.
Maybe China in the U.
Could put its differences aside, but it doesn't seem like it.
No, I think there's a certain amount of face that get has to be saved in these circumstances.
Tit for tat diplomatically can very much looked like the playground, quite frankly, and that's what's been happening.
We've had that That editorial the Chinese objected to on in response to kicking out the Wall Street Journal journalists, the administration here sort of reclassified some Chinese news organizations.
Now you've had thes comments from the president is actually said more than once, calling it the Chinese virus.
Now these moves by by Beijing.
So, yeah, they're going at it, frankly, like a like a couple of people after a Friday night out, just quickly, Gary, before I let you go, what's it like in D.
It's very quiet.
We don't have a sort of curfew in place here, but the streets are pretty empty.
People are shopping as you can imagine for stuff pretty rapidly.
The shelves have emptied out in the local store.
Certainly on one occasion.
Andi, I was noticing downstairs just a moment ago.
The WiFi is getting a bit ropey, so I think that working from home thing, maybe having an impact.
Okay, Thank you very much indeed.
What We've been talking about China.
Let's bring you up to date with what's happening there.
After all, this is where the virus began.
There have now been over 3200 deaths there on over 80,000 confirmed cases.
Now, bear in mind, the new infection rate in China is falling close to zero because of very strict restrictions which were in place.
But it remains unclear what's gonna happen if and when those restrictions are lifted.
While speaking of tough restrictions, they are also coming into place.
Not in Ukraine, where there have been 77 cases on one death.
I know, but I want to do actually, no, I was gonna hoping to show you a map of France, but that's not gonna come up where we go.
Sometimes the map takes on a life of its own.
Apologies now or the focus on Franz because people have to stay at home on can only go out for essential duties.
This was announced by Emmanuel Macron last night, but it's come into place today.
These restrictions will be in place for at least 15 days.
On these are pictures from Paris today.
An extra 3000 police officers have been deployed in Paris to check that people are complying with these restrictions.
Frankly, Emmanuel Macron was unimpressed over the weekend, by the way, that people would not following advice and so Frances getting stricter.
Nearly 150 people have died in France over 7000 confirmed cases.
Here's more from New Scofield in Paris This is the form which everyone is going to get very, very used to.
It's a form which you print from the Ministry of Interior, and it's the form you have to have with you when you go out from your house or your home.
As off midday today, it's what they call in French and a test session.
Your Honor, it's saying I hereby attest that I'm doing this.
That or the other and there are five books is you can take five categories off movement, which are allowed for work for health, for imperative, family reasons for to go shopping or for a brief excursion just to go jogging or to walk the dog.
Now it is two months to the day since the BBC Steven McDonald filed our first report on what was then a mysterious new illness, which had killed two people in the city of Wuhan in China.
Here's how we covered the story two months back.
Chinese officials have bean reassuring the public.
That virus cluster, which has caused pneumonia in Wuhan, is under control.
There have been deaths, but the authorities so only dozens of people have been infected.
However, scientists in Britain have estimated that the true number of cases could already be at least 1700.
Surely none of us could have imagined where we would be two months later, his Stephen again talking earlier as we look at some of the most recent pictures from China.
In one way, it is kind of, ah, a bit frightening that we went from nothing to this sort of global emergency so quickly.
But you know, in a funny way, you could also see this is kind of positive.
I mean, assuming that the Chinese figures are not drastically wrong, I think other countries can look to China and see that there is a way out that you will get to where China is now.
I mean, we went from then up to 80,000 plus people being infected down two now currently less than 10,000 infections and, according to official figures, only one extra homegrown infection in all of China today.
And that's in the city of Wuhan.
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Coronavirus hits all 50 US states as death toll rises - BBC News

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