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if we're thinking about what is sea level going to be like in 10 years, whether you're building a dike around your town or or anticipating how far inland to move coastal cities in Florida, this glacier is a big piece of that question, and this is the location to be asking these questions that where we're standing right on it, this is a historic moment.
The first time anyone has tried to drill down through this glassy beneath the 600 meters of ice below me is the most important point of all, the point of which the ice makes the ocean water.
This is Ice Venator to NASA funded Robot submarine.
This is the first time any measurements have been taken beneath what they call the doomsday glasses.
It's the first time anyone has seen this.
This is the point where the ice meets the warm ocean water.
It's the place where this huge glass ear is rapidly melting.
So this wisher is significant because it is huge and it's deep.
It's sick.
There's a giant volume of ice here.
The bottom of the ice is below sea level, and so that means that it's very sensitive to change, so the ocean convey very easily melt in and thin.
This glacier so threats Grasser is really remote.
It's right at the heart of the vast based device that's West Antarctica.
The class is the size of the UK.
It's the stormiest part of the stormiest continent in the world.
On more than 1000 miles from the nearest research station, all this broken ice is almost 100 miles long.
The ice rises almost a mile from the seabed, and it's collapsing into the sea at two miles a year.
If weights melts, it'll increased sea levels worldwide by half a meter.
But it sits in the middle of the West Antarctic ice sheet, and there's three meters mawr of sea level rise locked up in that stand by 32 we have just detonated a shot and recorded the energy the echo from the explosion in order to map the grounding zone to the point where the glacier glows a float on the ocean, it is changing.
It is migrating inland, and so this huge reservoir of ice behind us is becoming vulnerable to the ocean melting that's happening out there.
Let's be clear that the ice here isn't gonna bonus overnight.
It will take decades, maybe even centuries for Thwaites to go.
But as the work hairs confirmed, it is melting increasingly rapidly, and that will make huge changes for us all.
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Antarctica melting: Journey to the 'doomsday glacier' - BBC News

15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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