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I want to go straight to Glasgow and talk to the leader of the Scottish National Party on first Minister Nicola Sturgeon, first minister.
Very good morning to you.
Thanks for joining us.
Good morning.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me.
Let's talk about the SNP's strong performance in this election And was it something that you were expecting at the start of the evening?
I was expecting a good performance.
I was expecting us to win the election and win it handsomely.
But I think the results that we're seeing recorded this evening somewhat exceed the expectations that I had.
So it's been an exceptional night for the SNP and Scotland to send a very clear message.
We don't want a Boris Johnson conservative government.
We don't want to leave the European Union Onda.
We want Scotland's future to be in Scotland hands.
That's the message of this election in Scotland tonight.
Just wondering about some of the messages in the campaign, and you were very clear about the fact that, in your view, Scotland needed a strong SNP voice at Westminster in order to, as you say, protect Scottish interests and on the interests of the people of Scotland.
However, it's not gonna be a surprise if I say to you that on the basis of these figures, even if you have 50 plus MPs, if you're up against the conservative prime minister with a majority of let's say 60 or 65 there's not a lot you can do well.
The result across the UK is dream.
I don't want a conservative majority government, but the fact that that is what is going to be the position after at this election underlines the importance of Scotland having a choice off something different on you know, I don't retain the every single person that voted SNP yesterday will necessarily support independence.
But that has been a strong endorsement in this election off Scotland having a choice over their future of not having to put up with a conservative government that we didn't vote for on not having to accept life is a nation outside the European Union.
So that independence referendum that was very much at the heart off the SNP's campaign.
That is a renewed, refreshed, strengthened mandate for that, Just as I reluctantly accept because it's a direction, I regret that Boris Johnson has a mandate, noted teak England out of the U.
He must accept that I have a mandate toe offer Scotland the choice of an alternative future.
And he will say, of course, that he's being very clear about the fact that he doesn't think another referendum is good and he will claim that he now has a mandate to stop that.
So what's your response to that?
His party has lost seats in Scotland This evening, Scottish conservatives put the issue off opposition to an independence referendum at the center of the campaign.
In fact, more than that, there was no other aspect to the Scottish conservative campaign, and they have lost this election and they have lost seats.
So Boris Johnson's argument in this election in Scotland has been flatly and completely rejected, so there is no doubt that is a mandate.
I have a mandate toe offer people that choice.
And then, of course, it's up to people in Scotland to decide what choice they make.
But Boris Johnson has no right, firstly, to take Scotland out off the EU and secondly, nor rate to block Scottish people choosing their own future First Minister.
Good of you to join us.
Thank you very much.
Once again, Nicholas Surgeon love to touch it.
Thank you very much.
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Election results 2019: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on SNP performance - BBC News

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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