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- Oh my God.
I'm not gonna last a week.
(playful music)
Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm The World's OK-est Mom,
and I wanna talk about Kylie Jenner for a second.
Now, I don't actually know that much about her,
but I do remember when she had her daughter, Stormi,
she caught a lot of flack online for having long nails.
Now, I have a newborn, so I actually wanna see
what all the fuss is about,
and see if it was worth mom-shaming her for it.
So for an entire week, I'm going to attempt to parent,
wearing Kylie Jenner's signature coffin nails,
and see how I do, wish me luck.
- We are here at the nail place.
I brought my two sidekicks,
'cause this nail place is kind of special.
It's called, Mommy's Retreat.
They have a playroom where they will watch your kids.
When Kylie posted the photo,
I just remember feeling so sorry for her,
because I was a young mom too.
I remember how vulnerable I felt,
and how embarrassed, and insecure in my parenting skills.
But honestly, I was very curious
to see how she actually pulled that off with those nails,
and so I decided to try it.
We opted for what's called Gel-X,
which is basically like a glue on nail.
She uses acrylics, but I was not in this for the long haul.
It's really hard to write.
What do you guys think of my nails?
- They're really long.
- [Hannah] Wyatt, do you like them?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I actually really love them.
It's gonna be really hard to function,
but they feel so glamorous and fancy.
I'm actually kind of obsessed with them.
Okay, here's the deal, I can not unbuckle Wyatt's car seat.
They're too long.
Look at this.
I literally can't push, oh my God.
Let's see.
(Hannah sighs)
Oh, maybe.
- Hi.
- Hi, what do you think?
- Oh my gosh, look at those things.
- The first thing I discovered, right away,
is that vlogging with these nails is very hard.
The buttons on my camera are very tiny.
We usually edit out most of my stumbles,
but there was too much to edit out.
First challenge happened right away,
as soon as I got home I had to change Henry's diaper.
And this was something I was very afraid to do
after I got the nails on.
Like, feeling them and seeing how long they were,
I did not know if I could do it.
Oh my God.
I am not going to last a week in these nails.
Changing the diaper took about three times as long,
as it usual does, but I was successful.
(Henry cries) Oh my God.
Oh my God, I can't do it.
I know, I know, I know, you're sick of this.
You're sick of this, I'm so sorry, I'm trying.
(Hannah exclaims)
Okay, come here.
Come to your mother.
(Hannah laughs)
Next was buckling Henry into his car seat.
We're gonna try this.
Babies are very tiny, and wiggly,
and then the car seat is small.
It's a confined space with these big ass nails.
Oh my goodness.
And it was essentially like defusing a bomb.
Like, very calculated.
You're so patient, Henry.
(buckle clicks)
Get that arm through,
yeah, okay.
(Hannah sighs)
That was really hard.
- [Matt] It was painful to watch.
- That was really hard.
These are like one inch too long.
Very quickly, zippers and snaps
became the bane of my existence,
because with nails that long,
I had to use the pads of my fingers for everything.
But when there's a very tiny zipper,
my pads don't reach it,
like physically, I could not reach
a lot of things with my fingers,
because the nails were so and so in the way.
It's like having five extra appendages
that I have no real control over.
I have to like, watch where each one is.
Oh God, this is all snaps.
Oh my God.
(Matt laughs)
No, why did I do that?
Baby clothes are either all snaps or all zippers,
and I grabbed the wrong outfit.
(Hannah exhales)
Oh my God, I have diaper cream all in the nails.
Next, it was bath time.
I was really dreading the bath,
because it really felt like I was bathing a child
with scissors in each hand.
Bare skin is very delicate on babies,
and so at least when Henry is dressed
and I'm holding him and stuff,
there's a barrier between my nails and his skin,
but bath time was gonna be complete nail to skin contact.
Gonna get the armpit, yes.
Parenting aside, these nails had an impact
on my everyday life too.
A lot of easy tasks, became very difficult.
(nails clicking)
By the middle of the week,
I was starting to get the hang of things.
But a couple things came up throughout,
that were still a little bit tricky.
Oh gosh, oh gosh, okay, okay.
Wait, I can't hit my power-up, it's so hard.
My kids love playing video games together as a family,
and so they asked me to play Mario Kart with them.
And of course, that is the one game,
that uses like half a Switch controller,
and so it's the tiniest, tiniest buttons,
for these big nails.
(kids arguing)
Having to push this button,
and this is the power-ups, and steer.
A lot of people have been curious to know
if Wyatt has gotten less dramatic, since Henry's arrival.
And the short and long answer is no.
(Wyatt crying)
- [Jackson] It's my turn.
- Why are you crying?
- [Jackson] It's my turn.
- I am going to attempt to wear Henry in the baby carrier,
because that's literally
how I get everything done during the day.
He does not like being put down.
It's how I eat.
I'm so hungry, it's almost two o'clock and I haven't eaten.
And I'm gonna try to get him in the carrier,
but I don't know if it's gonna work.
Oh gosh.
(Henry grunting)
Oh gosh.
(Henry fusses)
Okay, okay.
This buckle across the back,
it's too hard for me to do with these nails.
We actually did it.
That back buckle that was really tricky,
I feel very accomplished.
I'm gonna assume that Kylie does not baby wear.
If she does, maybe not one with buckles.
Once I mastered the baby carrier,
things got a lot easier and I got a lot more productive,
because I had two free hands.
So what I wanted to tackle next was cooking dinner.
I can not stand these pop cans.
(can pops) (Hannah gasps)
Oh my God.
That is exactly why I hate those.
I cook a lot, and it's one of the reasons why
I have really short nails.
I'm just gonna saute this spinach
with these bell peppers.
It's difficult for me to cook
when my nails are anything other than super short.
I felt very awkward.
- [Wyatt] What are you making?
- [Hannah] Come take a look.
Oh yeah, look at that bubble.
- What is it?
- [Hannah] Meatball bake.
- [Wyatt] What's meatball bake?
- [Hannah] It's like biscuits, and meatball, and cheese.
- Mm, this is so, so good.
- [Wyatt] This is so, so good.
(Jackson chuckles)
- By the end of the week, life with nails
was getting significantly easier.
Okay, I'm getting the hang of it.
Yes, baby, yes.
I even came up with a couple genius hacks, in my opinion,
for functioning with these bad boys.
(glove pops)
Oh, that was not as dramatic as I thought it would be.
I should have been using these for diaper changes,
all along, because they like, dull everything sharp.
I missed the mark in not using these
for some initial diaper changes,
that were precarious and took a lot longer
than they needed to.
Before the week was over,
there was one last thing that I wanted to do,
and that was post a photo like Kylie's
to see if I would get the same response that she did.
"Kylie Jenner, I think you mean Hannah Williams."
(Hannah laughs)
I never in my life thought that our names
would be in the same sentence.
People were so nice.
And I got a lot of compliments on the nails.
I got a lot of people coming to my defense,
if anybody even questioned them.
And it proved me, either we've come a long way as moms,
in terms of mom-shaming
and being more positive on the internet,
or I am so incredibly lucky to have
the community of people around me that I do.
So after a week of these nails,
did I have a hard time functioning?
Am I going to immediately remove them?
Also, yes.
But am I ever going to judge anyone else for having them?
Absolutely not.
Keep in mind, I'm a person who has never had long nails
in my life, and if I can function for a week with these,
think of how someone who's used to having long nails
is going to function.
It's doable, it's fine, and it works,
and it's something very cosmetic
that makes a mom feel more human.
I felt the same way when I dyed my hair blue.
I got a lot of comments, I got a lot of looks,
I got a lot of judgment,
but it was something that made me feel more human,
and it made me feel like I was doing something for myself.
Okay, I'm gonna go get these taken off.
So that's all I got for today, I'm Hannah,
and how do you think I did with those nails?
Did I do okay?
Have you ever had coffin nails?
Let me know on Instagram.
Now if you'll please excuse me, he's ready to take a walk.
(Henry coos)
'Til next time.
(playful music)
(upbeat music)
(glove pops)
Now I look cool.
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I Tried Parenting With Kylie Jenner Nails For A Week

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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