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- I think I'm actually the clear winner here because,
who gets to just sit around eating
brownies all day?
Hey everyone, my name is Breana,
and I'm a pastry chef in LA,
I've worked at places, from Bottega Louie
and Jon and Vinny's.
And I also own my own catering company,
called Sugar and Spice, baked by Bre.
And today, I am here to review
box brownie mix,
to see how it stands up.
(upbeat music)
When I eat a brownie,
I want it to have that nice,
crackly, crumbly top,
fudgy in the middle,
melts in your mouth.
And I'm gonna use the M word,
it has to be moist.
I'm going to start with Annie's.
Based on the box, I had very low expectations.
Because, the one on the box did not look like this.
So I'm pleasantly surprised.
Give you the nice gooey texture.
I can see the little tiny chocolate chips
that they have in here.
It doesn't really give me that fudgy taste.
Someone only used half the amount
of sugar they should've used,
and a quarter of the coco.
Next up, Mr. Doughboy himself, Pillsbury.
It has that nice little crackle on top,
we've even got some weird little bubbles that happened.
This piece has exactly what I want,
that nice fudgy center.
Nice cakey bottom.
This has more cocoa flavor,
not quite a ton, but just enough.
It's kind of cakey.
Mr. Doughboy kinda did his thing.
I'm really loving that I have this crackly top.
Doughboy, you're doing good.
I'm ready to move on to
my best friend in my head,
Ms. Betty Crocker.
I don't have that fudgy center that I would like.
I do see a little bit of goo, the good goo
in the middle.
And it's clearly gooey enough to fall apart.
It looks very cakey,
more cakey than fudgy.
(upbeat piano plays)
Maybe not?
That's got a great bite.
I get some cocoa flavor,
but not too overpowering.
But it's also not super cakey,
Ms. Betty deceives me with these looks.
I like it.
I get the crust, I get the moistness,
it's not super fudgy.
Ms. Betty put her foot in this one,
this is a good one here.
I'd buy it.
Is Duncan Hines a person?
Regardless, whoever is responsible for this,
I just wanna,
you did good.
It had the perfect crackly topping.
It may not be good for your skin, but it's good
in a brownie to see ashy cracks and crumbles.
Then the inside is and moisturized,
this clearly had a lot of lotion.
I hate to say it, but it's perfect.
The dark chocolate here,
it gives me that slap, that punch in the face
that I want.
It's really well balanced.
These are the perfect fudgy texture.
On to the next one.
We have Ghirardelli.
It was the self proclaimed premium brownie mix.
I hope that they deliver.
On appearance alone, it looks amazing.
It's dark chocolate,
so I know I'm gonna get that chocolate flavor.
I'm still chewing, so that's a great sign.
It's fudgy, it's gooey.
I love that they had those huge
chocolate chips in here.
I get that crackly top.
And, although it fell apart into a million pieces,
it's delicious.
It's smooth, although it's super chewy because
of how fudgy it is.
It kind of is silky on the tongue
at the same time,
kind of like a cheesecake.
I'm happy with it.
After more brownies than
I care to divulge and tell you I ate,
I'm finally ready to pick a winner.
And Duncan Hines
takes the brownie cake on this one.
It was everything I wanted,
it had the moistness,
it had the flavor,
it had the crackly, crunchiness on top.
It is the supreme premium brownie mix.
I think it should take that title.
If you don't wanna use box mix
and make them from scratch,
I highly suggest finding a recipe where
you melt your chocolate,
with your butter,
and then also add in some instant espresso.
It'll really heighten that cocoa flavor
and just give you a nice little punch.
I'm going to go make a brownie blanket,
and take a nice long nap.
(upbeat music)
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Pastry Chef Reviews Boxed Brownie Mix

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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