B2 High-Intermediate 14 Folder Collection
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in the year 2000 x, a new age of robotics was dawning, heralded by Dr Thomas Light and his partner, Dr Albert Wiley.
Together they planned to launch mankind into a new age of prosperity.
So they made a bunch of robot masters to do things too dangerous for people like cutting down trees, bringing down buildings and being cold, however jealous of Dr Lights, increasing notoriety and beard growing skills.
And look at the thing.
Doctor Wylie stole all of lights robots and use them to try to take over the world.
Oh, except to roll a robo girl built for housekeeping and sending feminism back to the sixties and rock lights, loyal lab assistant and surrogate son.
It's a mistake widely, we regret about 10 times over, give or take.
After watching his father fall to ruin, Rock stepped up to take on the burden of saving the world himself.
But first he would have to upgrade into the super fighting robot called Mega Man.
Finding Mega Man's new body is composed of Serra Taney, um, in alloy lighter and stronger than titanium.
Obviously, his new hand can transform into a long range cannon called the Mega buster.
The weapons so downright awesome.
Rock named himself after it.
Now it may look like you can shoot lemons, but one shot can blow through a wall.
And if he needs more power, mega man can charge it up for a devastating blast.
Still not enough.
Okay, well, he can transform his other hand into a second mega buster and fire both of them at once.
Yes, you're using that much power could overheat and even get limb.
But, hey, what's life without a little risk and double the firepower?
But Mega Man's bread and butter is his variable weapon system, which we'll tell you more about in the full episode on November 11.
Come back next week as we introduced Mega Man's opponent, the half negative Hebrew of Robots Astro boy.
Meanwhile, are you curious how we got the death metal hard drive back from that bastard?
John, I'll be sure to check out the season finale of the industry as well as the death metal playlist for, well, more death battle.
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Mega Man powers up for a DEATH BATTLE!

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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