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I have no idea what it is.
But whenever I play finding name, I tend to gravitate toward the female characters because they're cool designs.
Or maybe they're speedier place tiles.
But one thing's for certain.
There are a ton of awesome ladies and fighting games for this list is keep in mind that we're only taken one character per franchise, so hey, I'm never stick for screw tax.
Top 10 Female Fighting in character Number 10 You might already know that I don't exactly have the highest opinions about the Lauren Blaze Blue.
I see Blaze move for what it really is.
It's a mess.
It's a crappy mess, and I hated, but I can at least appreciate how goopy Tau Kok it is as the token animate cat girl.
She comes from this race of weird, hoody wearing cat people, and like most characters in the game, she's a rush down monster.
It's since talc, aka is a cat.
Of course, she can cling to the walls and scratch the ever living freak out of you.
All that's missing is a move that knocks everything off of your shelves.
Number nine in the nineties cap comes fighting games ruled the arcade SMK wanted appears the action do so to help sell their own Siri's.
They needed an eye catching female protagonists.
One look at my share, a new he makes two words come from any boys mounts, usually some variation off.
God, God, my eyes outfit works to her advantage, though as an Indo she tries to keep her opponent distracted so she can light them up with our pyro kinesis.
Aside from that, there's really only two other big things that my is notable for, and they're called left and right like Holy crap, girl, how do you move?
Still, my is one of fighting games, most popular faces, and she might have been way higher for most significant claims to fame.
Weren't sex symbol first and fighters second number?
I'm not even gonna try to hide it.
Killer Instinct is my favorite fighting game of all time.
Personal Fanboy ism aside, work in maybe one of K eyes, flashiest fighters in more than one sense of the word ripped or is a dinosaur and also a girl counts.
Yeah, How's that for a cook?
A combo breaker?
I don't care that severe A never wears pants I don't care.
That orchid literally has hot printed on her clothes.
None of them will ever rock a cheerleader outfit like ultra text, fire, vomiting, tail extending, cybernetic velociraptor.
No other character on this list is gonna let me say something even remotely is awesome is that except for one.
But we'll get to her later.
Number seven.
Doing a top 10 like this and then not including Skull girls should be an actual crime, but it's literally in the title girl's skull Girls.
Out of the 13 females on the roster, there's just nobody quite like Peacock.
How do I describe?
She's a a 13 year old girl inspired by old school cartoons like seven or a Volver in one hand in a cigar in the other.
But that's not even P cuts.
Main way to fight.
She shoots lasers out of her robotic spaghetti noodles that she calls arms and then uses her very own peacock gang to assist her mid combo.
You can call the fat bomb and then push the fat bomb over time so it blows him up.
That's pretty dope.
Number six.
Ah, yes, yet another one of fighting games.
Most popular Fino faces These days, Morrigan is almost more of a marvel vs Capcom character than a dark stockers one.
But just because her original syriza's on indefinite hiatus, that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve some recognition.
As a succubus.
Morgan attacks men while they sleep to drain your life force, and something tells me that most guys wouldn't mind.
But one of Morgan's most famous abilities is cleaning herself to double up on every single attack she does.
If you played against a good Morrigan player in NBC three, you may be painfully aware of how well this works.
Something about her that frustrates me more is that I can't figure out what those wings on her head or even supposed to dio.
You're trying to cheat, fight with those, er for what?
Number five.
I'm not saying that being trained from a young age to be the perfect assassin will make everyone cool, but I am going to say that that so Nina Williams became as lethal as she is tech in zone silent Assassin, some would say, is the queen of three D fighters.
Nina excels at pressuring her opponents, enforcing them to the one place you never want to be in tech it the wall.
And have you ever seen anyone make a wedding dress look this good?
She's wearing heels and an expensive gown, and I still wouldn't screw with that Number four.
It's so tough to pick just one Mortal Kombat character, But let's get real here.
If any character deserves this spot, it's Molina.
Pretty much everything about her dares to be different.
Instead of being graceful, she's savage.
Instead of having a beautiful face, she's a butter face.
Many fighting games really do that, and besides, a certain and eternal, she's one of the most famous side wielders out there.
It's up for debate of Molina's moral combat leading lady, but she doesn't have to be.
Nobody else in this game's gonna pin a guy to the floor than throw his upper half by the Penis.
It's gonna rude Number three Say what you will of Ivy's, um, character development, but she brings something unique to Seoul.
Cal, I'm talking about that iconic whip sore thing called the Valentine.
Where else are you going to see a weapon like that?
Besides got pilgrim besides Gundam Wing, besides Power Rangers, exactly.
Okay, you don't find still ideas.
Valentine makes her a key boys owner unlike any other, stabbing it into the ground or our king it through the sky for a hit or some of the tightest moves she has, but they're still not as tight as her wedgie.
How do you even fight like that?
Woman number two?
This might be an unexpected woman, a place this high on the list for some of you, but I can not get over how awesome biking from guilty gear is.
There is nothing on this list more hardcore than a one eyed, one arm samurai who replaced her missing land with a friggin grappling hook.
I will never get tired of watching bike and slash dude and then pull him back in with the hook to continue the combo.
Only an idiot would make it top 10 about Sam Rising.
Forget to include biking number one.
I have a question on honest, legitimate question.
I want you to answer this in the comments.
Who is Gaming's first lady?
Some people say it's Sam s office might go with Lara Croft, and some would even say it's our number one.
Shun Lee.
Yeah, I know, I know no shockers here, but she's not at the top because of her popularity.
It's because she deserves her popularity as the first female character in a fighting game.
Chung Li has been showing the rest.
How it's done since day one.
Back in the day, she could jump off the walls.
And who doesn't like that?
Charlie is level headed, skilled in combat and has a heart as big as her thighs.
But not literally be gross.
For as long as Street fighter and by extension, fighting games have been popular.
Chung Lee hasn't just been the most important woman in the genre.
She's been an actual inspiration to millions.
And if you're gonna go around calling yourself the strongest woman in the world, you probably should be for our secret number 11.
They say that Ruby Heart was a dark stockers character who didn't make the cut, but thankfully, she showed up anyway in NBC, to she attacks with water anchors, ghosts in making her pirate ship come out of nowhere and Blaster and me to bits.
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Top 10 Fighting Game Females

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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