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  • Mark Hoffman, you now I got the sexiest shirt in the march battle shirts.

  • You wear this, you're gonna find yourself in a sex battle.

  • I don't know what that is.

  • What?

  • I know you'll love it.

  • OK, now click the link below and buy this shirt, or they're going to eat me.

  • Okay, so picture this.

  • Its 1995 year a child.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog is the hottest thing on the block.

  • And he just came out with his first album on compact disc.

  • You fire it up and you're greeted with a slew of profane tracks that have nothing to do with Sonic.

  • That's exactly what happened in the Netherlands.

  • I'm Jocelyn, the intern.

  • I do all the research nobody else wants to.

  • Straight from the desk.

  • Oh, Death battle.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Sonic Dance Power.

  • 1234567 and eight Yup.

  • Sonic has not one but eight albums in the Netherlands.

  • These albums are sadly not performed by the blue Hedgehog himself.

  • They are what's referred to as music compilations And I guess there somehow inspired by the Blue Blur Don't even ask me how the hell They came to the conclusion that a bunch of mediocre electronic dance music has anything to do with Sonic.

  • But who cares?

  • Because these tracks are effort.

  • Bonkers.

  • OK, now you're probably wondering how crazy could thes songs be?

  • I mean, they're made for younger kids, right?

  • Mother room Don.

  • It's all toilet sounds.

  • You are very wrong because these tracks are far from appropriate for kitty ears.

  • Even some of the song titles are a bit, uh, let's say risque.

  • For instance, we have songs like Move Your Ass and 20 Fingers Not so famous Lick it, which, I can assure you, is every bit as much about oral sex as you would think.

  • I mean, sure, Sonic is probably a fan of going to mouth town, because who isn't?

  • But still, I don't really think it fits his attitude.

  • Oh, and then you have songs by bands like Tokyo Ghetto Put a Kitty Cat.

  • Yeah, we're just going to say Kitty Cat, and if you think that's bad, we're just scratching the surface here, have a listen to useless man by minty freakin tweaking, biting.

  • Get stepping.

  • That helps you understand the distance we've traveled from the realm of Sonic, yet his face is still on the cover of the album.

  • We can't confirm if these were officially licensed sonic products, but it has been ripped ported that dance power AIDS even came with a demo of sonic and knuckles collection for PC.

  • So there's that.

  • I mean, I could see one slipping by the eyes of Sega, but eight.

  • Speaking of music albums, shamelessly being sold by your favorite characters, here's one for Mortal Kombat.

  • And, yes, this one's official.

  • Now I'm sure you know the super popular NK theme.

  • Don't don't don't don't don't vote property.

  • Don't do too, man.

  • It was a broomstick gave me an actual office instead of this closet.

  • It be a lot easier to dance anyway.

  • That team was made by a band called the Immortals.

  • But did you know these guys had a whole slew of other tracks dedicated to the hit Fighting game franchise?

  • In fact, you could find beats for pretty much all of the original characters in mortal combat.

  • Some of my personal favorites are scorpions, track lost, soul bent on revenge, Blue Kings, corn in China and, of course, the unforgettable sub zeros.

  • Chinese Ninja Warrior with.

  • Wow, what a special piece of mediocrity that is.

  • Oh, and did you know that Mortal Kombat also had a live tour?

  • And no, I don't mean the band went on tour.

  • I mean, they had a live show where they traveled around doing onstage martial arts, like some kind of bad community theater.

  • And when I say bad, I mean love of a bad fun fact.

  • Mortal Kombat live tour had literally one of the most cringe worthy news appearances ever in order to promote that show I look in, that is the ultimate six pack of a stomach like it is seriously terrible.

  • I'll leave a link in the description so you can check it out for yourself.

  • You're welcome.

Mark Hoffman, you now I got the sexiest shirt in the march battle shirts.

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