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all rights people step back and let me breach some.
Or Godzilla.
Last time I showed you all Charles Barkley taking him on in a gargantuan game of hoops.
But don't think for a second that that's the only time Zilla has thrown down in a comic book.
Our favorite radioactive reptile brawled with much every major marvel hero you can think of.
I'm Jocelyn the intern.
I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the Desko death battle.
So get this.
Back in the day, Marvel licensed Godzilla from its Japanese owner, Toho, but they didn't want to also pay for the licence of all the other giant monsters in the franchise.
This act of frugality spurred a 24 issue story of Godzilla walking through the Marvel World and effing shit up as he strolls from one side of America to the other.
Basically, the story goes like this Issue one geeze l a bus out an iceberg near Alaska.
Because icebergs are a natural enemy of large things.
Fact check with Titanic.
Anyway, the giant lizards swims his green asked to America and shield is like Oh shit!
Lizardi all and sends out a special team of normal humans, complete with a Robert E.
Lee style commander who just yells at people over the span of the Siri's their mission to somehow stop Godzilla from causing any damage.
Dan, let me just tell you right now, they do not succeed.
Godzilla fights a ton of stuff from Mr Fantastic to Battery Gone, which is some giant bat dragon thing netted.
Um, despite some of those fights being cool, I'm going to stick to the more memorable brawls so that this episode isn't an hour long.
First up is issue number three.
Where are Lizard Friend has made his way to San Francisco, Home of the Champions, a band of superheroes consisting of black widow, Hercules, Angel and Iceman.
Now you would think a couple of X men and a God would be able to stop Godzilla.
But you'd be wrong, very, very wrong.
The champions don't just simply fail in stopping Godzilla.
They make it worse, mainly because Herk throws a giant hunk of the Golden Gate Bridge at Godzilla and Mrs and such a fantastically four way that he wrecks a hell.
A carrier now that easily puts thousands of lives in danger and destroys.
What I can on Lee assume is billions of dollars worth of military equipment issues.
Later, Shield asks Hank him to shrink Godzilla, and it works.
And then tiny Godzilla escaped.
Shortly after his escape, Godzilla winds up fighting the Fantastic Four, still, under the effect of the Pym particles.
But now the size of your common rock monster.
The thing shows off his lack of brains, which is especially highlighted when he refers to Godzilla as a Japanese dinosaur.
That's really the thing, although he may be a Japanese character.
Godzilla was not born in Japan, and he is more accurately described as a Pacific monster.
You know, if you want to be snooty about it anyway, they finally subdue the not so giant lizard after the thing.
Give Zilla a West Mom money shock bitch slap.
But here's the problem.
What do you do with an unconscious Kaiju now?
I mean, they could probably construct some sort of prison the launch him into space, Or maybe just put him back in the ocean.
I shit you, not.
They fire up Doctor Doom's Time machine and send Godzilla back to prehistoric times because he's close enough to a dinosaur right.
Godzilla then spends the rest of the issue dominating Dino's left and right like it's his first day on the prison yard until eventually he fights off a bunch of Neanderthals and be friends, this monkey kid much to Earth's Shadrin.
Godzilla's natural radio activity had made Doctor Doom's time machine a little unstable, worried it would explode.
They began transporting it to a safe place, which required them to take it right through the center of the most populated city in America.
And guess what?
Bam time machine goes off.
But instead of levelling New York, it miraculously rips Godzilla back to the present.
That is normal size.
How's that for writing?
Timely entrance to the Big Apple interrupts the Avengers playing monopoly fact, and they proceed to team up with the Fantastic Four to stump the king of monsters once and for all.
They fight and fight and fight and fight and fight.
And at one point, or in Godzilla, play reversed tug of war with the Empire State Building until eventually everyone says fuck it and tries an all out blitz, which does nothing.
You're probably asking yourself, can nothing stop Godzilla.
I mean, we've had scientists, dinosaurs, superheroes, even gods.
What eidetic force of nature convey passively end is reptilian rampage A Japanese boy named Rob who politely asks Godzilla toe leave.
Uh huh.
See you catch more flies with sugar.
Speaking of which, I'm out of time, but let's see if we can get this video up to 15,000 likes pretty please.
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The Avengers Fought Godzilla?? | The Desk of DEATH BATTLE

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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