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Hey, it's that time of year again.
Time, joy Time for eggnog.
Time for snuggling on the couch for the fireplace.
But for one man, this festive season isn't a time to be sitting on your ass pretending to drink eggnog because it's festive.
You know, not as being drunk is the only way you could stand being with your family for more than like, I don't know, an hour on that.
Hopefully very sober man is none other than Marvel Santa Claus from Earth 616 I'm Johnson, the intern.
I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk of battle.
Oh ho ho, I'm so festive when you think of Santa, you probably just imagine a jolly old fat man flying across the sky to deliver presence.
But to achieve these things, he might actually be one of the strongest mutants alive.
Don't believe me.
Let me show you.
In 1991 Marvel released an eight page holiday.
Special short starts when the X Men are decorating their Christmas tree because that's what X men dio.
I mean, just look at night crawler.
Tell a boarding to put ornaments on the tree Sadly, all those festive activities screeched to a halt when cerebral goes off, telling them the most powerful mutant ever registered had been detected.
Because it's the X men's job to recruit new mutants into their ranks, they race off to the Rockefeller Center, where they unsurprisingly run into the brotherhood of evil mutants.
Obviously, these two groups are gonna fight it out, shooting off all their superpowers in the crowded mall, ignoring the fragile lives of the norm.
Ease like you and me.
But then surprise.
Santa appears and in an instance, turns the brotherhood into a little plastic action figures.
This shows that Santa has the ability to change the molecular structure of objects and even shrink them.
I mean, look at him.
He was able to change not only their bodies into plastic, but also their little squishy organs.
Also, um, Gross.
Imagine being a kid and finding out your favorite action figure is a real person trapped inside a plastic prison.
Who knew that Santa was not only super strong, but ruthless to anyway?
Shortly after, he teleports the X men away while also wiping their memories of everything that happened that day, which ultimately hides the fact that Santa is the most powerful mutant ever register.
So Santa isn't just a jolly old fat man with a weird fashion sense.
No, he's a superpowered mutants that's able to teleport multiple people instantaneously, which means he's able to remember the layout of every single molecule of each person he teleports and remake them perfectly.
Also, by showcasing some of his powers, the comic conveniently explains how he achieves the feats in his lore, you know, like delivering presents to the whole world by perhaps teleporting, or how he never gets stuck in a storm because he can control the weather, though his full powers air never truly explored did safe to say that Santa 616 is a force to be reckoned with.
Or should I say he's a four second Hitler because he does get kidnapped by Hitler at one point?
Yeah, comics, you're weird.
Counterpart Krampus 616 also comes out for that one magical day of the year.
Although he doesn't deliver any presence, he just punishes bad Children by stealing their souls truly a much better way to get Children to behave through the year rather than the threat of a lump of coal.
Oh, no blood of carbon.
I'm just on the Internet.
I do all the research.
Nobody else wants to go straight from the I've never messed up that line before.
Ever tell right then.
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Santa is the Strongest Mutant EVER | The Desk of DEATH BATTLE

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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