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Captain America, the symbol of all things patriotic.
A warrior of justice, a patron of freedom and most importantly, one seriously badass dude.
I mean, this guy has killed vampires, defeated gods and even beaten the physical embodiment of drugs.
However, Captain America wouldn't have been able to do any of this without his iconic shield that enables him to protect himself from everything.
Bullets, toe magic.
Hell, it's so strong.
Superman even borrowed at once.
It is so strong, but it's often described as indestructible.
But is it really?
I'm Jocelyn the intern.
I do all of the research nobody else wants to.
Straight from the desk of death battle, despite being made out of Vibranium, a nearly indestructible fictional metal that absorbs damn near 100% of kinetic energy and ricochets off walls like a bouncy ball on crack, this patriotic mega Frisbee can be destroyed, however, but not by any normal circumstances.
It takes something like magic or a cosmic force to break it.
Our cancer?
Yeah, Big Seacon screw us all.
Even captains shield, apparently.
Okay, let me explain.
So Vibranium absorbs pretty much all the kinetic energy thrown at it.
But it does have a limit.
And once it's reached that limit rather than breaking, it can cause a molecular abnormality, which can spread through the shield much like cancer, effectively shattering it.
Luckily for the captain, his shield didn't stay ill for all too long, thanks to an active day sex makina when the super loud supervillain clause shots, um, sound waves that the cancer ridden shield which fixed it.
So unlike all those assholes on Facebook who send good vibes to people claw actually made a difference in someone's life with good vibrations.
But enough about Facebook idiots.
Let's talk about a real jerk named Danos.
Yet the omnipotence intergalactic villain has had a fair share of run ins with Captain America.
And once during his quest to complete the gauntlet of infinity, he bitch slapped the caps precious shield into pieces.
I mean, seriously, that is one great a bitch slap.
Look at that smart Montana's face looks like he's about to ask the captain.
Where is money at?
Nonetheless, why the captain thought he could smack someone who controls reality doesn't make much sense.
But hell, captains pushing 80 he saw Ronald Reagan turned into a lizard man, and he's buddies with the Norse God, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't have that clear of a definition of reality anyway.
Sadly, this isn't the only time the captain has overestimated his abilities.
On a more recent note, the Vibranium Shield was destroyed in part by Captain A's own arrogance.
In a crossover, Siri's called Fear Itself on old school as guardian criminal named Serpent escapes from his prison.
This is obviously very bad news for everyone on the good side of things, especially our star studded hero, who stops to make a horrible quip and then yells catch as he throws his shield.
Serpent, like most people who have just heard the word catch, yelled at them, catches it and then breaks it into pieces whilst simultaneously yelling very loudly.
Fun fact.
You can tell it's loud by the seven consecutive ours.
Now snapping the captain's freedom protector like a ceramic plate from pure one might seem impressive, but that is nothing compared to what molecule man did you see.
Molecule Man is easily one of the most insane Marvel characters.
His ability to destroy is best showcase when he destroys Captain America Shield and Iron Man's armor and the Silver Service surfboard and Thor's hammer me older all at the same time while standing next to a total babe who just really seems completely uninterested in the proverbial Neutering of a whole group of superheroes.
I mean, seriously, you're you're just not even gonna look, lady.
Maybe she's too distracted by his giant purple head.
I had thing.
What the hell is that?
Some sort of cosmic trash can, and never mind.
I'll find that out later.
Seriously, though, besides the purple cranium thingy molecule man is one serious badass and yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
He was getting ready to eat, are planted and all that.
But he eventually decided not to eat Earth and gave everyone back there toys.
So that was pretty nice.
Okay, I can't take it.
I have to go find out what the hell is on his head.
You guys have been awesome at your support with giving the episodes thumbs up.
Thanks so much.
You know what's even more awesome than giving thumbs up?
Sharing each desk of death, battle with your friends, spread the word and help me grow the show?
I really appreciate it.
And speaking of growing the show, make sure to check out the other episodes.
Just put the logo up there to binge watch.
Thanks, guys.
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Cancer Killed Captain America's Shield?? | The Desk of DEATH BATTLE

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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