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take a walk down Slum Avenue and you'll find all sorts of hangouts for the scum of the underworld.
The bull's eye bar, a random strip club and even a rundown service shop called Devil May Cry, but the services they're selling art like wars in your car.
Fixing your plumbing.
Oh, no, long as you got the gas.
This shop specializes in delivering demonic beat downs.
Who's crazy enough to try making a living this way?
His name is Dante.
From the very beginning, Dante's Life was always unusual.
Born from the unholy union of a human mother and a demon Father Dante in his twin brother, Virgil, had their first supernatural encounter at a young age of eight.
Yes, his demon dad was bred as who single handedly conquered the underworld.
It's demon ever her muteness.
But after Dead Night moved, his minions felt brave enough to take some revenge by slaughtering his family, leaving Dante in orbit.
Hate it when that happens.
With his mother gone and his brother assumed dead, Dante was left with only one option.
Become the ultimate demon hunter and perpetuate the cycle of vengeance.
This party's getting crazed.
Let's Despite the dangerous nature of his occupation, Don t always maintains a carefree spirit while dispatching devils of the underworld in part of his charm.
Hell, when you've got abilities like Done Days would not be a little cocky Pete faster than the mortal I can see, strong enough to grapple with the underworld's toughest demons and straight up man enough to shake off being stepped for the chest like every goddamn day.
That's thanks to his regenerative ability.
In fact, all of that has made possible due to his demonic heritage and made even more deadly by his Klemperer of weapons, his favorites being his dual pistols and enormous sword.
Like any proud weapon owner, he gives his tools of destruction pet names, his guns, ebony and ivory, specializing long range shuts and rapid fire.
Barajas, respectively.
These hand cannons air so powerful they can each obliterate demons in a single shut.
I think that look suits you better.
Rebellion is a large, magical sword given to him by his pump, which can cut any demon down to size in the blink of an eye.
He's also got his brother's sword, Yamato, which can cut through dumb engines throughout his adventures.
Dante also collected a wide assortment of additional weaponry called Devil Arms.
Physical manifestations of powerful demons he has defeated.
Mega man?
It is then button steroid.
You know, Speaking of Mega man, did you see him fight Astro boy earlier?
I screw this.
I'm going to go watch that again.
Looks like we got to finish this free snacks in my watching pants.
Okay, Well, I guess check back next week is weak.
Cover bayonet.
If you want to hear more about Dante.
Gonna have to wait until the full episode on March 16.
Flame broomstick.
In the meantime, we have a death battle shirt on the rooster teeth store.
You can go by.
It's a great way to support us and looked good while doing it.
Please subscribe.
Thanks for watching.
I'm gonna go unplugged the Internet router and watch.
Six beautifully struggle.
Toe Watch.
That death metal episode should be fun.
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Dante slices into DEATH BATTLE!

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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