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  • Mortal Kombat is a deadly tournament dictated by the elder gods to decide the fate of entire worlds.

  • It's contestants only include the best of the best, whether you're a forearm beast intent on Conquest, a ninja assassin seeking vengeance for a washed up Hollywood movie store looking for your next big break.

  • Johnny Cage was a global phenomenon known for his over the top and dumb as hell action flicks Your Dumb is hell.

  • His movies are also we got Ninja mime Citizen Cage Broke knows Mountain and my personal favorite Tommy since surfaced, uh, the only movie that ever really made me pray.

  • But as with most celebrities pages, fame eventually cracked.

  • Audiences lost interest in his stunts, and critics claimed he was a fraud, which is bullshit.

  • So to prove himself, Johnny naturally decided the best idea would be to join the deadliest martial arts tournament ever.

  • What better way to stick it to him and show him you're the real deal than to save the Earth from an alien takeover?

  • I guess Cage didn't really know what he was getting into.

  • Luckily, he's no ordinary stuntmen.

  • These guys trained all across the world.

  • He's mastered four different martial arts, including Bruce Lee's riel life Jeet Kun Doe.

  • He's got none Jugs press knuckles in his wicked cool Bowie night.

  • So when it came time to save the world, Cage could certainly hold his own against the greatest martial artists in the universe.

  • Good.

  • Then do the lightning God reading really needed some help because the out World War Lord show gun was just one attorney went away from taking over Earth.

  • Okay, seriously, why does everyone always target hurt?

  • I live here.

  • It's not that great.

  • Against the forces of evil.

  • Cage discovered he was more adept at this sort of thing than even he expected.

  • He possesses a mystical power passed down through generations, originally stemming from a Mediterranean war cold which read it trained combatants toe fight among the gods.

  • Uh, that's not random at all.

  • This power manifest not just a za shield against divine forces, but also as a mythical energy cage.

  • Can weapon taken fire, shadow both energy balls, hunter toe pieces with a shadow uppercut to a guy'll impression with the eclipse kick and knock the shit out of you with this patented shadow kick.

  • But even with these powers, cages.

  • Still a mortal man.

  • Whenever he found himself in trouble, he needed a go to technique to get out of.

  • Oh, and he came up with the absolute perfect move.

  • It's the Nutcracker, the very buster, the in fertilizer, the beanbag.

  • Boro's not that kind of blow blow in my personal favorite, the help Doctor.

  • I think they're in my river gauge special.

  • Oh, that's disturbing because of quite effective watch.

  • Oh, Lord, always dressed.

  • Attack down his testicles, come back next week and will jet about Johnny's opponent, Captain Beldon.

Mortal Kombat is a deadly tournament dictated by the elder gods to decide the fate of entire worlds.

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