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10 billion years ago, the primeval old gods clashed in a cosmic civil war called Ragnarok that no one would door.
And Jeff Goldblum.
Yes, kind of battle was so great that the result was an explosion that tore the gods asunder, sending a great god wave throughout the members eventually birthing a new generation known as the new Gods.
How original?
Well, some of these include helping space skier fancy pants, Shakespeare and this cyborg spider.
Humpty Dumpty.
Half of these guys ended up on a beautiful paradise World Code New Genesis, where the rest got stuck on an actual fireball called Apocalypse.
Que among these damned souls was Prince uses second in line to the throne behind his older brother, Drax.
Not Dave Batista.
But D.
Oh, man, I really like that.
Gay is not afraid to see what he's thinking.
You are horrifying to rule Apocalypse.
Drax was meant to enter the mysterious Omega pit and absorb the Omega Effect.
Ah, force of destructive entropy bound within apocalypse.
But being the crafty bastard he was you CSIs trick DC dregs into getting killed and stole the loot for himself.
And so the Omega effect transformed uses into the physical manifestation of tyranny.
Dark side as the King of Apocalypse dark side entered a war on the universe.
Whether he was kicking new Genesis as who are given the Man of Steel a hard time dark side was always working toward his one goal conquering all life.
And thanks to his new God physiology, he has incredible superhuman strength, speed, agility and even immortality.
He's already over 245,000 years old, and that's given him any of time to push the limits of the Omega fact.
He's got a whole bunch of cool omega powers that break all the rules of nature.
Pagan teleport across time and space fly it unthinkable speeds for reality around him and grow supersized, something he's pretty used to doing this scale between the prime universe and dark sides own universe.
The Fourth World is vast.
He traveled between universes via boom tubes, which automatically adjusts his size toe what is considered normal within his destination.
Otherwise, he'd have a hard time fitting in, given that the normal size of the New God is about the size of a star.
Yeah, I have had that kind of trouble with my boom stick to.
He can use various ionic powers like telekinesis and telepathy and can easily manipulate sentient beings thanks to a cosmic awareness of the multiverse powered by 18 divine senses.
You know I'm ready.
Never forgets where he leaves his keys.
Uh, speaking of which, God dammit!
Minor gun again.
Where's I might need to borrow the crowbar.
A pretty sure it's still in your car from the last time I'm getting the dynamite.
You guys next week for the full episode where hopefully I'll have entered my car.
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Darkseid Booms Into DEATH BATTLE

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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