B2 High-Intermediate 13 Folder Collection
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Hey, guys, I'm Barbara Dunkelman, my voice yang and ruby or in X ray and valve Jensen and Red versus Blue Cosmos in Fairy Tale.
And I'll be playing Yang on death.
Metal Surprise!
The world of remnants is, well, crazy.
Vicious creatures called grim run wild.
Entire cities have gone toe waste, and every single weapon is also a gun.
Even nunchucks.
Oh, that sounds like Disneyland.
To me, the happiest those gun build place on Earth.
Luckily, the world is protected by an elite group of expertly trained warriors.
The Huntsman and Huntress is.
And where do you think you'd get the training to kill bloodthirsty monsters?
Why High school?
Of course.
I can't believe my baby sister's going to beacon with me.
This is the best day ever.
After losing her mother to mysterious circumstances and being trained all her childhood by her hero, legend Oven, Uncle Yang Xiao Long was accepted into Beacon Academy.
It's gonna like Hogwarts, except replace ones and books with swords, sniper rifles and giant transforming sites.
Man, this place Just keep getting veteran better.
Seriously, I know where I'm going to retire now on natural fighter and thrill seeker at heart Yang fit right in and soon found herself a member of the color coordinated team Ruby, led by her younger sister, Ruby.
Because that's not confusing it all.
I'm talking about kicking off the semester with thing.
I always kick my semesters off with the gang.
All right, What anywhere?
Yang's Diamond Begin was well spent, and she became the master of plunging all of the thing.
See, while Yang's fellow teammates wield us I couple sword something Guns Yang style of combat takes amore direct approach.
She has she does with her shotgun gauntlets.
Her to golden bracelets aren't just stylish.
They actually extend to form a weapon called the Ember Celica with just a bunch.
The ember Celica fires of a flesh of kinetic energy, blasting a foe with an explosion of force and a beautiful sound.
To top it off again, Cousin Klesken fly several 100.
Yang is one of the few people I know that can punch a bird out of the sky.
In addition, like most huntress is, Yang can manifest her soul as an aura or a can be used to block deadly attacks, and he'll minor wounds and Yangs is no different.
but my favorite wage begin user aura.
We'll have to wait for the full episode October 21st.
Before then.
Be sure to come back next Wednesday as we cover gangs.
Opponent the one and only TIFA Lockhart.
A final fantasy fame Have you not seen the latest episode of Death Metal?
It's perk.
You'll Satan vs Danna Beaky, The Battle of the Losers.
Thank you for watching.
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Yang from RWBY enters DEATH BATTLE!

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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