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hit me with McCord.
Smacking me with this long cord.
Oh, no.
Get real weird.
Great for this.
I think you're talking about something.
The Scripture.
Like what?
Yeah, It's nothing but sex appeal in this mood.
Some spend entire lives in search of it.
Well, for others, it is their birthright power.
Some spend entire lives in search of it.
That's my line.
But what truly is longer, but would truly matters in the end, is how it's used.
Toe earn deaths, Reciprocal love.
Fino's took a journey.
A quest to ravage the universe in her name.
Banos Quest.
Don't quit that part.
That came from the nineties.
It really does.
Welcome to Santos's quest.
How much will you win?
Quest the game show.
Collect the stones.
Half of you will die.
I don't remember.
I don't either.
Maybe that's the problem.
I heard something You give Ben what?
You give me a strip show in the strip show.
What are you talking about?
I have no idea what he's talking about.
Did you have a dream that you're confusing for reality?
I don't remember stripping for Ben Did the Did the wisdom boom stick thing in the Narita or the dry episode getting your head a little bit.
Oh, all right, Gerard.
TD over years, like 40 45 minutes and you better get going.
Garon time tracking that with.
According to Mr Fantastic, this thing is hundreds of miles miles along mild of long or the smartest person ever.
Somehow, like so many people have superpowers there specifically to make them super smart.
He doesn't just he's just smarter than everyone.
Well, then maybe he can expand his mind.
I think I think that is an actual explanation, probably, but yeah, that's the longest animation thing we've ever done with Booth.
What do you do that?
Why you do that, man?
Keep Gerrard on its toes.
I spend a good 30 seconds of my day today printing that out.
You just throw it on the floor.
Another 30 seconds wasted.
Even with even with all these powers and abilities, more impressed.
The f the news guy.
So they have a okay, man.
Oh, Still felt he needed something more to impress death.
Think he's compensating for something with Oh, absolutely.
With these, he could control the full spectrum of space reality mind, Power, Soul and Time and Captain Planet No.
Oh, there's no heart in there.
He has no heart He heart We need you, Monty.
And with your powers in mind And with those powers combine he sevens gift in blended or death and destruction Crystal universe.
But sure, sure, those things.
They're similar.
Hey, didn't doctors?
But he also started going a bit crazy and began to doubt his ability to perform.
Hey, happens to the best of us.
Like with you think I'm the best of us?
You don't know how to feel about that.
When do you don't think your dick works either?
It's kind of a low blow.
Like clearly.
Oh, this is cool.
Cool fan is quote lucky the glasses Here, Drona.
Wow, you're getting a little second when diva actors like I'm not doing that line again, Gerardo, No, actually, draw those Are your run down?
All right, Darkseid run down.
But 10 billion years ago, primeval old gods clashed in the cosmic civil war called Ragnarok, sending a great god way throughout the med avers, eventually birthing a new generation known as the new Gods.
God wave is the sweet van name wouldn't that one away for later way.
Ah, force of destructive entropy bound within apocalypse.
That sounds fancy.
Just imagine absorbing Hell, yeah.
Yeah, Sign me up.
And so the Omega Effect transformed uses into the physical manifestation.
Pick up my stomach.
I feel like I heard it.
A little hungry.
Otherwise, he'd have a hard time fitting in, given that the normal size of a new God is about the size of a star.
Think, Sean, for this one.
Oh, yeah, that kind of trouble with the boom stick tube.
Uh huh.
And your mother?
Oh, yeah.
Let's run it in.
Oh, name you booster.
No, no, no.
You're getting it confused.
I was investigating your mother.
You know, my mother's comatose, right?
For the sake of this Bolivar video, I will stop now, but I want you to know, Could have gone further.
No, you don't want it to go further.
God, that just me up.
All right?
Don't don't.
I don't, don't.
His sound is he's terrible human being.
Yeah, that broomstick.
All right.
And one of those once fun fact, those ankle bracelets are pretty easy to get up in attached to your dog that never leaves the house.
You said that so quick.
Like you.
Like you like you came from experience, huh?
It was like a very specific anyway.
But that doesn't sound so bad.
I just do a Bill Murray and use all those lives to learn piano and save the same and save the same cat every day.
Well, no, Probably not.
A cat.
Those little monsters right off.
Who doesn't like cats?
Uh, getting he's fast enough to take a trip to the source wall in just a few seconds.
That's at the very edge of existence.
Probably further Newman, Google Maps.
Then you can map quest.
There we go.
There's a reference the kids will get, I imagine.
Boom sticks, please.
Dial up.
Piece of shaking here to pull this off, he'd have to be moving over 87.
Go do.
Oh, dis Ilyin.
Where do we have a new number?
World record?
We had never going that high in any death bell.
I don't I'm not entirely sure if we haven't, but it is definitely much higher than usual.
Usually this stuff is like in septal Ian and Sex.
Yeah, this is this is way higher, but you're still words that most people never use in their lives.
But yet which is a number so big they say looking upon it will make you go blind.
He's so quick he could even choke out Superman e tried to get past it.
I was like, It's me Grouper, ma'am, that's my bad.
I had to change that real fast cause they used to say, Pre crisis.
It's not Superman for truth, justice and uber in the way.
Just remember, with the uber logo.
Yes, just like taking you just, like, not use the car.
We'll get there so much faster, right?
Don't forget to write five stars CFL attached back.
All right, hold on tight because that's how Jimmy died.
Dark side is strong enough to crush a lantern ring with new been destroyed planet destroy planets with those up, destroy planets with Oh, my God.
Losinit animation ends.
We just talked about the anti sniffed at the exact same time and it was really weird.
And like surround twins ease high five.
Yeah, But while each avatar is weaker than his true self, it's a necessary handicap as his own exist.
This'll maybe You shouldn't have written yourself an essay.
Oh, yeah.
He walks into a new universe.
It's all gone.
And a shut from marvelous.
Maher knows Master place you.
Hey, Sean was the one who wanted this in here, not me.
And a shot from marvelous Martos Master Blaster, which sounds like it was made by a circus clown.
And that kind of makes sense because apparently no life form could stand up to it.
Except for Dr Side, the only one who is immune to clowns.
He's had his heart ripped out, his soul stolen by death and his essence shattered by Superman of singing.
It's like a terrible band nowadays.
God wave No.
God Wave is amazing in the band.
I will start soon.
You can't be in it.
I mean, Nirvana's the Easy No, you take Nirvana.
Are you thinking nickel bag?
Oh, my God.
Yeah, Yeah.
I'll save that for you because you almost got looked like a monster.
Yeah, I just, like, stroked out there for a 2nd 0 my God.
People will probably be flying to the keyboard.
My bad Got them.
That's that.
That's the easy one.
But he like, start belting out some Nickelback or something.
Hey, Dirksen photograph?
Uh, no.
Okay, let's recap.
So dark side gets trapped in the Omega Sanction and just gets killed over and over number.
Well, what happens?
I just I just I just over and over again.
And Deadpool's like, Yeah, he just gets killed, Killed over and over and over.
But we did it way.
Don't have a dark side preview.
It's gonna be a problem.
That's my trouble of total of all the pages, Not all of them.
Preview for dark, That is ends after it goes into review after from six line.
But he never forgets where he left his keys.
Because I might need to borrow the crowbar.
I'm pretty sure it's still in your car from the last time.
That's great.
No, no.
Well, I'm getting the dynamite.
You guys next week with a full episode where hopefully I'll have entered my car.
You just ends on Matt.
Look like yeah, cool.
Okay, good luck with your busy day.
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Thanos Vs Darkseid BLOOPERS!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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