B2 High-Intermediate 20 Folder Collection
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God of the desert is a short, skinny, pale stick of a kid.
But he's also one of the deadliest Sonobe in the world.
He looks like a member of Green Day.
Gotta is the son of the fourth cosy Kagame, leader of the village hidden in the sand.
Born prematurely at the cost of his mother's life, Ghana was destined for a childhood of depression and loneliness from the get go not even a minute old and already has a kill under his belt.
Oh, technically had a little help because, you see, as he was being born, his father was like, Hey, you know would be awesome.
Using Ninja magic to seal a horrible monster and what sounds belly to turn him into an ultimate weapon theme.
The process was successful and gotta became a gentle key human beings who have powerful tailed beast trapped within them.
God, a beast was Shikoku a giant to nooky with power over sand.
I wanted to New Ganz a patent.
There's a loving adorable You just wanna hug.
Oh, shit!
What is that?
Chicago loved humanity and at first got a had difficulty controlling the monsters rage, accidentally hurting others and such he was shunned by his own people, forced to live a secluded life.
Well, yeah.
I mean, he's got a goddamn tummy.
Monster is not like Pepto Bismol seven, then convinced his only option was to fight and care for only himself.
Ghana became a ruthless killing machine.
But it's not all bad.
Having a digestive desert demon gives him control over all things sand.
He can wield it as a weapon, using his mind to trap and crushes bows.
He can also mentally adjust the density of his santo form, a shield stronger than steel.
He can control any sand in his vicinity and can use it to crush nearby rocks and dirt to make even more sand.
So he's never without easy access to ammo.
Despite this, he still carries a gigantic Gord of sand on his back.
It's huge.
You'd think that'd be hard on his back, but the thing is, it's not carrying any ordinary sand God.
As mother used her last breath to impart her power into the sand around him, this became living sand, an extension of her will determined to protect gotta.
It will spring from the Gore to defend him from any danger, regardless of risk and without command.
This absolute defensive technique is called the Absolute events.
But will it be enough to stop the earthbending prowess of Toph Bei Fong?
Tune in next week and we'll clue you in before we get to this earth generating death metal.
Get it because they throw worth around and stuff.
You're an inspiration to us all.
Boom, Stick.
Well, you can thank me by bringing up our new game disorder.
No, seriously, we just launched a new game on steam and it's awesome.
Click the link in the description below to pick it up on steam right now and gain my eternal love.
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Gaara armors up for DEATH BATTLE!

20 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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