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You know what I love about comics?
You can write one about pretty much anything, and people won't really judge you for it.
Want to make a comic where the 44th president is an epic bodybuilding warrior?
Fly not tell about 4 12 year old girls with paper routes and time traveling space people.
Why the hell not?
How about a few titans of industry get together and make a comic about Hitler and Liverpool?
Well, apparently, yeah, You could do that too.
I'm Jocelyn, the intern.
I do all the research nobody else wants to.
Straight from the desk.
Oh, Death battle.
Let's start with a little history lesson.
Grant Morrison is one of the comic world's most legendary writers, known for taking up rains for the likes of Batman.
Superman, the Jail A hell.
The man wrote both marvels the new X Men and D.
C s final crisis.
Yes, and he also wrote a comic called The New Adventures of Hitler.
Okay, Yeah.
It was originally published in Cut, a Scottish magazine, which clearly had some questionable taste.
As you might have guessed, the comic created its fair share of controversy as well because who the hell writes a story where Hitler is the protagonist?
I mean, really, the comic itself is well, it isn't what you think.
It has almost nothing to do with World War Two and little to do with Germany.
It's more like a what if situation than anything else.
You see, Hitler sister in law actually claimed that Adolf himself lived in England for sometime between 1912 and 1913.
This comic takes a look into what Hitler's time during that period might have been like.
Of course, Hitler is still insane and essentially the same manner to he's power hungry, starved for attention and diabolically manipulative.
However, since he's unemployed in England, he doesn't really have the same outlet for all this insanity.
So instead, it's manifesting itself in new ways, like having the lead singer of the Smiths and John Lennon in his closet.
Obviously, Morsi and Lenin aren't actually in his closet.
He's just hallucinating.
But decent music is at least a mild upside to insanity.
So you know he's got that going for him, I guess although they never stopped singing and keep Hitler up all night, so maybe it's more of a silver lining for us after all.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Hitler has also decided to take up the ultimate quest.
Find the Holy Grail, although I can't really judge him for that.
Because if wisdom boom stick gave me a summer vacation, that's exactly what I would do with it.
I go find the Holy Grail, come back, rub it in their face takeover, death, battle and fire them.
Okay, enough evil, diabolical scheming back to Hillary.
This is somewhat encouraged by a psychic he goes to see who also encourages him to shave his mustache.
He actually does find the Holy Grail, which gives him the entire idea to become the dictator we all know and hate.
However, the Holy Grail isn't some fancy goblet.
It's instead a ship filled toilet inside of Veterinary Clinic, which just screams message about as loud as it can.
I'm not sure if this will come as a surprise or not, but the comic is actually pretty good.
Writing can be a bit on the wall at times, and some of the political points air shouted very loudly.
For instance, one panel features a giant Margaret Thatcher had sprawling across it as John Bull, England's go to Patriot shouts and I quote, That's what this country needs.
A mad, vicious bitch in the driving seat.
However, the art in general story is, at the very least, interesting.
Oh, fun fact.
Go 10 and trunks from Dragon Ball actually fought and beat the hell out of Hitler.
Once, however, this part of the movie fusion reborn was cut from the to know me broadcast.
So not many people remember it, but there you go.
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Adolph's Weird Comic | Desk of DEATH BATTLE

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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