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Hey there, Hope you're having an awesome day.
Today's top 10 pet peas stuff that annoys you.
Something gets on your skin, kind of like when you're in traffic and this car will just swerve in front of you without using a blinker as gamers, there's lots of stuff that can annoy us every single day, whether really petty or stuff that really should be annoying.
If any of these pet peeves are your pet peeves, make sure and give this video a thumbs up and enjoy.
I'm Sean for school.
Attacks stopped in pet peeves in gaming, you talked your parents into getting you a PlayStation one for Christmas.
You've got a slew of new launch titles and you're ready to go.
But you can't save your progress in a single one of these games.
Why your feeble young mind completely forgot to tell your parents to buy you a memory card.
It doesn't matter if its 10 year old me madam myself on Christmas morning of 1996 or 28 year old me still pissed off because I haven't invested in the largest PlayStation Vita memory stick, getting a second controller getting a PlayStation camera, getting a $50 subscription so you can play online with your friends and those extra necessities that you have to pay for to be a gamer still get under our skin.
But that's the price we way.
You have not sand off someone.
Number nine Mom calling you for dinner, Dad telling you to turn it off and go to bed.
Your big brother is tattle telling on you for being up too late.
Your cat is taking a dipshit stroll across your keyboard in the middle of a wow raid.
Or maybe you're older and you're a daddy or mommy in your idiot toddler Yanks your console off the entertainment center.
There's nothing more annoying that damn family always ruining my gaming sessions.
Just leave me alone.
Number eight.
It's not so much an issue any more things to the power of party systems.
But just a short while ago, it was much easier to have your online gaming sessions completely ruined by a 12 year old bastard.
You would give him the new tube in call of duty, modern warfare and hid, mailed off about how you, your sisters Harry or had talked about when you were a baby, your dad took a big in your tiny.
That's cool, though, because we just hit him back with how we his mother while is that sat naked in the corner.
Any washing ran is down is tiny, so the joke's on him.
A true pet peeve is something that gets metaphorically speaking, stuck in your teeth.
It's not going to ruin your life exactly, but it will have a negative effect on a small portion of your day.
And for that reason, having to repair your own console makes the list.
Sometimes getting a console to work is it Simple is setting in nes cartridge on the edge of the port before slamming it down.
Or the PS do.
For example, one time I had to crack mine open and mess around with this tiny little white gear to get my games to work weird and will probably never forget wrapping up our Xbox 3 60 in a towel to bypass the Red Ring of Death.
Luckily, it seems this trend of repairing our own consoles is on the way out.
One of the only good things to come from the rage of gamers on the Internet number six.
You and three friends are getting it on in a four player split screen, GoldenEye or Halo one of those games, and one of them does the unthinkable.
Instead of using tools available like radar, skill or honor, they scream look.
Tactics like taping four way cardboard to a TV were a temporary solution, but screen lookers would find a way to persevere.
But it's not just the fact that you have friends that would commit such an utter betrayal.
That's a pet peeve.
You see larger issue here is.
Are they actually screen looking, or are they just that good?
Are they two bit con artists who are running your late night gaming session with their treachery?
Or are they killing you legit, turning you into a paranoid, delusional asshole?
Are they screen lookers or are we just sucky and video thescore?
Attack office is going to get some hate for this, but we cannot stand.
Those gaming was better back in the day, guys.
There's, of course, a huge group of gamers out there who stand proud on their wired controllers, a V connectors in love of dead brains.
But often they're constantly in a pessimistic state of mind when it comes to the world of gaming as it exists now, with all the respect we were back there in the day to, Did you guys really not like being able to save your progress?
Did you really love shelling out and adjusted for inflation 70 to 100 bucks for a shitty game like primal Rage on second Genesis?
With exception, of course, gaming practices of yesteryear would never fly.
Today, a day and age where we can do stuff that gamers take for granted.
Like, you know, play with our friends across the world or get free games every single month.
And when a game is broken, at least developers have the ability to patch it or in some cases, keep giving us free add on content.
So don't be such a grouchy but number four Dear viewer, please wipe off your controller every now and then.
There's nothing worse than being handed a sticky controller.
You know, when it's sweaty, it's got the hand cheese on it.
No one has taken a toothpick and dug the hand grime out of the side seams.
It's really gross guys, and with all the stuff that we do while gaming, eating chips, sweating, sometimes going to the bathroom without washing our hands.
There is some funky, funky stuff that lies in the crevices of our controllers, and it's time we all did something about it.
Number E.
I remember one time my friend Grayson was bringing over his collection of second Genesis games in like third grade.
He let me borrow Road Rash to for a week, then two weeks, then three, then four.
Then 10 years later, I sold my genesis and collection of games to my uncle so I could go to a Billy Idol concert.
I reluctantly put borrowing games dot, dot, dot for ever to this list because I must admit, I am a transgressor of this very offense.
I borrowed so many games from people over the years that I end up keeping.
I am a son of a bitch violator of my own peppy Number two.
One of our editors John was telling us this story about Brad and Doyle.
They were playing Sameh Lee, and John was kicking Brad Doyle's ass.
Brad Doyle was always bragging about how much better he wasn't smash.
But this one time John got himself a victory, but not before Brad Doyle hit that reset button.
This entry goes out to all of our own Brad Doyle's those players that would rather mush their dumb fingers into the reset button than accept defeat.
But that's OK.
John got his ass back later in life.
Yeah, it's number one.
I almost didn't put this one on the list because it's a little bit too riel.
But anyway, this one goes out to all of the gamers who have read a review on the eve of a video games launch and then commented with what they think the game deserves.
Straight up, they're stupid.
They haven't even played the game.
Yeah, they got an early copy and beat it three times already, so they do know.
No, they didn't.
They're liars.
Seeing comments like this drives us crazy.
Not just because it's complete lunacy, but because how can a reviewer's opinion be wrong?
There's no grand scheme to upset consumers of a game they haven't even purchased yet.
Game reviews, our opinions, not facts.
The Internet will never accept this, but I can try cans.
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Top 10 Gamer Pet Peeves

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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