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Well, all right, That's not really the hard drive is a bit, you know, I got right.
All right, well, we'll deal with that later.
I guess.
I guess they'll just find out who the next matchup is.
This Saturday at eight o'clock in the morning at Central Teoh.
Central time.
Central time.
So this would be This should be fun.
So anyways, okay.
So that bell Yeah, versus only count.
Okay, that was awesome.
Watching you guys watch this fight.
So what?
Yes, I was.
I was just, like, so focused in on the faces.
I don't know what the outcome was gonna be.
It also, I know in your voice that we were cracking up.
Like, did you read like, the whole script?
You just like No, I didn't.
I just forced my lines.
I just like, don't tell her.
No one tell her.
Well, they highlight the lines in the script, and then I just like, do them and I don't actually read the rest of the script.
Well, so as as the fight was going on, like, uh, looking at some tweets and just some real quick has tag death metal live tweets.
This is from room Collis.
My gut hurts.
I'm nervous as hell and excited as hell.
I like it.
Another one from at Daniel Polar.
I've never seen my boyfriend's so hype for anything his entire life.
I think he has a boner.
He says he should but But God, Go on, Castillo.
You legitimately seemed fairly nervous while we were watching.
I was I was, like, squeezing myself.
I'm just like, Come on, don't die.
And I forgot the show being called death battle that someone actually kills someone else.
So when she snapped her neck, I just like, don't My God.
Did you see how she did it, though with the gauntlet?
Yeah, the firepower.
So it's become like, a thing on this show that, like I realized that deep down apparently have this, like, sick, twisted brain Because, like, every time it's like you were that we should kill one, and I'm like, Yeah, but you should do it like this.
Like, and I always have normal again.
And I was like, the shotgun on perfectly so cool.
Like she's got early first.
Actually, I was talking about trying to get it, so we're like she's snapped back.
But that wouldn't work out.
Yeah, we could be, like, the kind of ninja grab thing.
And then she blast both gauntlets, and it would just, like, totally snap.
It's fine.
You're both of you.
How do you feel about that?
To you?
I That was my first death battle.
What do you think?
Not a good record.
Oh, my gosh.
Awesome TIFA.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Uh, I OK, so when I got cast, I was like any Look, that was what?
What is this about?
And I started watched the one you had with peach because peaches, my favorite character, I didn't finish it.
And, well, you could.
Wow, I tried to watch it, but it was horrible.
So I actually you should finish it.
You like it?
Wait, You did a death battle with Peach Peach, Zelda, Like, really?
Go watch it And you should to everybody.
So that was my first death battle.
And it was my first like death.
Like be a Democrat.
My first ever changed rib.
That's so good.
Just the overwhelming reaction from from the viewing audience is like just Holy crap.
Holy crap!
I can't believe she did that because that's im again, like huge.
Thank you to university for letting us do because we really did give them knowing.
I mean, it is important to remember that Barbara here in refugee, they didn't write this.
It was us.
So, like, we also didn't animated that you're getting those tour in which we're going to tag it in here to second.
I didn't like how you You incorporated aspects, though, from, like, our animation into Taegu enemy stuff tagging satori pointed out by Grandma.
I'll miss you forever.
Yeah, while they're doing that.
Um, yes, Yang killed in death battle, but she doesn't do that.
Ruby, don't Don't feel about not yet at least three giants that you put in the video.
You know, like the time.
This is like, this money, tons and submit and all that.
That was So that's how you decide Death battle Freakin cool.
Yeah, it's ah, bunch of nerdy research so quick.
Let's get in.
You gotta be close your tour touring because it's microphone.
It doesn't pick up back there.
Uh, so real quick before we do that way.
And then this question is for you so it taking it would be really good if you didn't show the Tintori in space.
All right.
Victorian would stop.
Children, Children.
Let's go Start.
All right.
All right.
From baby Toro, 96.
Ah, little Toro.
This is Ah for you, Ben, I guess, uh, what would you choose to use as a ruby weapon if given the option?
Okay, Dorine, you probably have a good answer.
This to, uh, choose to use as a weapon from the Ruby.
I mean, Ruby, Saif is awesome.
It's a sniper rifle size, though.
My weapon is hasn't memorabilia.
Showing that behind the CEO of the weapons that are revealed.
Oh, sons, No gun chucks.
That's why would you?
Uh, I was getting nunchucks.
I mean, the gunshots had to be the most dangerous weapon.
I feel like I'm gonna hit myself in the head with regular checks and either guns.
I hit myself.
I'm gonna shoot it.
Looks do blink with mass isn't Oh, that's Adam.
I like his weapon, his left school, because it's, like, sort sort of gun.
I think I've always been a fan of voices soared just cause do school changed between the different dust elements.
Do you?
Ah, going into this, he said, is your first death battle on DA First time.
Unfortunately, you're your own one in your voice acting career in battle.
But, you know, did you feel any connection?
We're watching the fight.
Even though even though, you know, you didn't have a whole lot of knowledge about the character going in, you truly made her your own.
But did you feel a connection like we're watching them?
Actually, I had to learn about her personality and stuff.
And we had a similar personality.
I feel in a lot of ways, but that was my voice.
So, yeah, I felt that I want to jump on your side.
I didn't play for 17.
Like, I'm going in this justice blinds you.
So for not playing games, video game or website, not a game.
So I did a ridiculous amount of research.
I would go to been like every chance I get.
Like which you do this.
This be cool.
Could you do this was her faint thing?
Yeah, we wanted to make that more so.
I wanted to make it more so about speed.
It's actually a little bit of behind the scenes about the animation.
A lot of the choreography, like I write a script, but a lot of the like I don't care.
I don't care for it.
A lot of the specific choreography I do let him kind of you guys on his part.
I'm just gonna take the mike over here, so I let him toy around with.
So we'll find things online and, like, come to me and be like, Hey, what if we change?
It's in the script.
Do this with it.
And you know what?
Kind of like reworked the script while he's animating.
So it just kind of creates a new, I guess style of animation for you?
Yeah, I mean it.
Since we don't have a lot of time to do these like it presents like we get up a really good idea with the minimum amount of work.
I mean, just with really lazy, that's just their time.
If we can get a really cool idea, you know, just so that we can get more.
So let's actually talk about the animation.
We have some behind the scenes look of some of the motion capture here.
Is that right?
Do you get you get?
You said that way.
But I just gave him a hard drive and tell him where it was, like a 1,000,000 things like truth.
Let's check it out.
What are we gonna be looking at?
Him just?
Same is the last time we did about alive.
I'll kind of make it like a definite alive thing.
It's some comparisons for, like, mo Cap and actual characters.
So this is John doing a cool uppercut from the yellow trailer.
Um, and it's just more so Just like side by side comparisons like people always ask me like, Well, cap, they think we have, like, this really cool room with dots and stuff.
No, it's just me at three oclock in the morning.
Well, how much how much of the animation is?
Well, capping how much has come about Canon?
Well, and that was one shot in the air to where on Li Yang was mo capped and TV was completely hand animated.
So it's ah, it's a mixture of both, like han innovations, a good basis.
Even you have motion capture like I mean, you do motion capture for Ruby, right?
We do.
Yeah, we have.
Ah, but we have, like, the full rig up with all the mo cap suits and all the dots.
And I think we have 36 or 24 cameras.
So even when you leave, like, you're done for the day like we got a yang these you have some people that we do, but these five people have to make that work.
Well, actually, I've also done motion capture before four years.
Actually, a number of other characters that are gonna come a season I've done some winter mo cap.
Oh, sweet.
Um What?
She had to stand very tall.
It had to practice my posture.
I have a private way.
Do a lot of mocha for just like the editor.
I didn't I did have a stigma.
Just really far was where they were there.
Any challenges going into this?
Hey said you did a lot of research on final fantasy, but were there any, like, specific character related challenges when actually donation?
Just like a lot of people like Rubies, huge receive itself is huge.
However, a lot of people outside of them don't know Yang's power.
It's not really besides the shotgun with her core power that lets our victory is not flashy, like you wouldn't know it if you know you didn't know her.
So just like here in there, just like if you look every now and then she will glow in certain situations.
Just kind of like, you know, that stuff happening.
Our you know, it's kind of really just portraying her.
I wanted to kind of really just she's new character and like you say earlier, she's a new character from his new thing in another world.
You know, outside of just the only thing that she knows I can't really wanted her to to seem like she will fit amongst all these other pop culture, you know, video game icons from years on, whatever.
Just finally.
And it was absolutely beautiful.
I mean, not the death, but, like the whole the whole entire animation was just absolutely gorgeous.
And then, after going into this and learning all this stuff coming in as a baby, I wanna go watch Ruby now and I want to go play final fancy now.
So you are doing good work, sir.
Like you could beautiful.
What's great you were actually talking to me about how?
Just because we're basing it on Yang and T Foot.
To a certain extent, this is one of the more colorful death battles that Yeah, what?
Like, uh, during versus writing?
It was Brown.
The whole thing's brown like so gang.
It has a really unique art style and saw cell shaded and the colors pop and you're really bright.
So it was really cool to try to get that.
That's where a lot of time went.
Just trying to get tea for the work with that and trying to get the environment that match your and it definitely is like if you go back and watch the market, but it is the most colorful one it doesn't wire.
It wasn't gonna work if you were going to try to make Yang look like if it's antifreeze world, she's too stylized.
But I didn't want to do that.
We wanted to use this, but we want it like seeing her big anime eyes comparison.
Yeah, you.
No matter what I did, though, there's like a sharp comparison, just how she's how she's built Teoh compared to TIFA.
But that's part of what death metal is, but yeah, it's this charming, like, have fun.
Well, say what?
It was really fun to watch.
Thank you guys.
So much for coming in.
And I do is really amazing.
And thanks for coming all the way from Austin.
This is great.
She got on a plane.
This is great.
Yeah, this is This is really fun and happy.
It was now a sudden analysis.
I believe we've created a new character for death battle, which is great.
Boom sticks, grandmother, which is great.
Uh, that's cannon.
Now goes we do want to remind you guys that actually, starting three weeks from today, we're actually having the next death not alive.
We're gonna doing death but alive every single episode for the rest of the year and hopefully from here on out.
So every three weeks Tuesday, eight o'clock Central time will be a new death battle.
I do want to wrap up with one mawr hashtag, which I thought was really, really great.
Uh, this is from, uh, at Smash Master show.
Ruby in.
Final fantasy are for fucking nerds.
It was a good fight.
Yes, but yes, yes.
So I wanted to read this tweet Because I know that Victorian.
It's such a good job.
And how much money was an inspiration?
So this came for one of fans on it was hash tag, death metal live.
That was really good work.
Money would be really happy with this crazy execution.
So I wanted to see that because you do a great job, Tory.
And thank you for tirelessly slaving way Yes.
On this episode, we're going to get him help.
We're getting him help soon, maybe.
Yeah, well, thanks so much to Indian guys.
I don't forget you're gonna be able to go watch this again if you have not seen in our view, if you can't coming in late, you can watch the archive of it tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Central time on the main square Attack Channel.
Are you guys have a great day?
You guys want to throw Twitter handle?
Do you think that's gonna promote what?
We're here?
I am at Tia Toomey.
T i a t o n y to me and I'm a at bad uncle.
Did it in at V d u N k e l m e n.
There's Bandit Orien Ben.
Ben, I am just been a laboratory.
Its automated.
You can follow me at stuttering.
All right, you guys have a great night.
We'll see you guys next time.
So alive.
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DEATH BATTLE Live - Yang vs Tifa Post-Show

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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