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after being stuck in a garbage can over 10,000 years, the evil Rita repose A was understandably pretty pissed, So she decided to destroy the world.
Hey, I'd be mad.
But that's a hell of a hut take.
And so Earth's guardians sort on Put a plan into motion.
Five heroic teenagers would defend the planet with their Dino Zords.
They were the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
You think a bunch of kids and spandex would have a tough time fighting an ancient which But they got used to taken out her weekly monsters pretty quick, like a normal 9 to 5 just with giant robots.
But Rita had a plan.
If her creatures could not defeat the heroes, she would create her own Ranger, the Green Ranger along with his robe, a reptile, the Dragon sword.
At 90 meters tall in nearly 200 tons, the Dragon sword proved a match for the other Rangers.
Even their Megazord Dragon Zords get a heavy duty arsenal like finger missiles.
It's like flicking the gun from under your nails and people.
But it explodes.
Why do you have gunk under your fingers?
To Liggett people?
Uh, that fit isn't just a cool head piece.
It shoots energy waves.
And if the Zord feels like stumping around, watch out for literally shocking earthquakes.
Despite such long range weaponry, the Dragon Sword seems best suited to fighting up close with its strong grappling arms and highly flexible drill tail.
This drill is so impressive it cut through a cocoon prison.
Even the supposedly superior Megazord couldn't escape.
Yeah, that things.
Five Zords in one guest.
Teamwork doesn't always make the dream work.
The Dragon Zords pilot has even bested the other Rangers in combat on his own.
Luckily, they helped him break free from Rita's control and he eagerly joined their fight against the forces of evil.
This is Tommy Oliver.
So does that mean anyone could get Ranger powers?
Well, if you have a power coin, I suppose you mean like this one that I've found in just Linz?
No, that's just a normal quarter.
Give it back, please.
You get pulled me.
It's more of a dive.
Growth was just juggling.
Well, come back next week and we'll talk about making Godzilla.
I'm wearing this on your shirt.
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Tommy Summons Dragonzord into DEATH BATTLE!

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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