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  • they're kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

  • Thanks.

  • Toa honey Honey is a preschool that connects to your computer trouser.

  • When you shop online, Honey scans the Internet for discount.

  • That applies the biggest savings to your card automatically.

  • You worked on Amazon eBay, Newegg Razor practically everywhere you shop.

  • Talk about structuring, right, so make sure you join 24 Free had joined honey dot com slash db x.

  • That's joined honey dot com slash dp x.

  • All right time for the show You're extravaganza and let me welcome you to In today's Max.

  • We have a devilish duo to riel room dudes and one sexy case.

  • In one corner, we have the snare to, well, Booth, other Corner.

  • We have the beautiful magnificent squad K fun to size up the competition venom, vitriol Fighting style comes from the fact that he's actually two people.

  • Kind of is the alien symbiote known as venom Attacks toe Eddie Brock, a cry baby journalist and together the two have never been sadder about their past relationships.

  • You know what they say.

  • Misery loves company and whiskey that as respond well, he's actually Al Simmons, an ex marine colonel and government assassin who, upon dying, had his soul sent to hell fun.

  • But luckily, while there he sold his soul to a demon which culminated in him becoming a superhero.

  • Oh, what a good lesson for but enough about their flooring, all backstory.

  • Let's talk about powers.

  • Venom has the intoxicating power to do whatever a spider can.

  • But all black.

  • And do me not to mention he's got superspeed, durability and, of course, strength.

  • I mean, this gooey goon can throw cards with ease.

  • That is, as long as there aren't any loud noises around a screw up his cute little monster suit.

  • Spawn, on the other hand, can do it over a demon can, which turns out, is a whole lot like a whole whole lot.

  • In fact, his powers are said to be inspired by Jesus.

  • But I never remember Jesus changing the skin color of a racist or boosting zone abilities to beat up Batman.

  • And then I mentioned he has a sweet, sweet cakes.

  • If this all sounds too good to be true, well, it is because sadly, treating your soul to a demon isn't all roses.

  • You see, Spot only has a limited amount of power, and after that it's all gone.

  • And that's that.

  • Enough talk.

  • Let's see which one of these two mad buddies have the ability to win.

  • Yeah, suffer.

  • Wait, I wanna die.

  • Shop with confidence.

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  • Whoa!

  • That's a lot.

  • Sword swinging heroes air up next, so vote for your favorite fighter in our next exhibition before Friday, August 16th.

  • Liar.

  • The link in the description.

they're kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

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Venom VS Spawn (Marvel VS Image) | DBX

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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