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  • conceptualized in retaliation of s in case blatant rip off of cat comes characters.

  • Dan Habib was always meant to be a complete joke.

  • Dan had no natural talent and fighting people, but his father go Hobeika was a martial arts master with his own dough.

  • Joe.

  • One day goes Dojo was visited by Sagat, an enforcer of the crime syndicate Shadow.

  • As an advocate of justice, Go refused to be intimidated by the crime Lord and stood up to him the only way he knew how kicking is breaking I out.

  • Then Sagat brutally beat him to death in front of his own son, then should teach you to mess with a seven foot four boy time monster.

  • It didn't enraged and distraught dance war.

  • He would avenge his father's death.

  • To do so, he sought out a legendary dough Joe hidden in the wilderness of Japan.

  • Thing is more elusive than child support to my ex.

  • It seems like more time we spend here.

  • Questions arise.

  • Yeah, Like who?

  • The hell's Dad Against all odds.

  • Dan found it.

  • He was trained by its master Coke in the same mentor who taught Ryu and Ken.

  • Such legendary techniques is the Hado Kit and the Shore you Can Dan began the difficult journey of mastering the use of key as a weapon of justice.

  • Still, Gogan expelled him because he just just sucked.

  • Well, technically, it was because he didn't want his training only used for revenge.

  • But let's face it, he knew he was wasting his time.

  • However, dance determination for vengeance continued.

  • He took the little he had learned from Gogan and, ironically, combined it with the boy I.

  • This became his very own martial arts Psycho REVIEW Fighting style, which we'll talk about next Wednesday in the full episode of Hercule Satan vs Dan Hip E G.

  • The match of Well, it's gonna be something Thanks for watching.

conceptualized in retaliation of s in case blatant rip off of cat comes characters.

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