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  • All right.

  • Okay, Let's be honest.

  • You probably clicked on this video because you saw boobies and expect to be motor boated with information, images and clips about breasts galore.

  • Well, lucky you, you're right.

  • Today we'll be exploring some of the breast and worst examples of boob physics in gaming.

  • You get those it breast since just maybe not for the reasons you would think.

  • And as a female myself, it's my job to keep you abreast of such matters.

  • I'll be here all day, folks.

  • I'm Jocelyn, the intern.

  • I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from that desk.

  • Oh, battle So boob physics, which sounds like the greatest college elective ever engaged.

  • The name isn't self explanatory.

  • It's what makes boobs bounce in video games.

  • At its core, I can see the idea behind wanting to add some movement to the melons for the sake of realism.

  • But 95% of the time, there's a thing realistic about what's going on under the shirts of these hams smugglers.

  • But where did it all begin?

  • Well, as faras mainstream games go, the first character toe have a pair of swinging sweater puppets.

  • Was my sure Inui in fatal fury to And to be honest, they started out relatively conservative.

  • Boy.

  • Oh boy, did they get out of hand fast.

  • Over the years, Mayes memories, Onley increased in size and swing by 1996.

  • They were jiggling about with every movement hand Well, nowadays, with the jump to three D, they're pretty much just flesh pendulums.

  • Speaking of three dimensional dairy bombs, let's take a moment to talk about Team Ninja, the only fighting game developer to ever have a volleyball spinoff, which I should mention, has zero playable male characters from their popular fighting game Dead or Alive in it and don't even Get Me Started on the extreme.

  • Siri's Team Ninja devolved from making a fighting game to a volleyball game to an excuse to get nearly naked women in compromising positions on an admittedly beautiful beach, which I would gladly visit if whiz and boom stick ever gave me vacation days or dental.

  • Anyway, I don't have to at least give him credit for not even trying to hide it anymore.

  • Case in Point D away fives, breast motion mode option or Ninja guidance to Sigma six Access Jiggling Jubilee's Oh Wow!

  • Whoa!

  • Just look at him.

  • Go.

  • Yeah, I don't know how much you know about boobs, but I I can guarantee you that's not how they work.

  • No, him Speaking of not working correctly, a handful of the biggest booby booboos come from glitches like Chun Li's physics defying Buzzanca is in the street.

  • Fighter five Beta or Phantasy Star online twos.

  • Character custom is ations ricocheting rack Attack.

  • Now, as nice as these entertaining entities can be, it's actually super problematic.

  • Seriously, it's science, these ladies Gargan's when goodies would give them serious spinal injuries.

  • In reality, if breast tickles bounced that much with the size that they are assuming my big chested heavy hitters here R C T e cups, the level of back pain and chest pain inflicted would be excruciating.

  • Just take a look at my back.

  • In 92 she was standing tall, but now, after a few decades with those damaging dangler, she's got worse posture than The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • For all you guys out there having trouble picturing the pain, just imagine running around with £10 nuts dangling from your chest because it's pretty much like that.

  • There are a few studios nowadays who seem to be taking a more realistic approach.

  • I mean, just take a look at Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, but if you're more inclined to take again or of physics breaking boobies, well, we'll always have games like Dragons crown.

  • Okay, she just got to be using magic on those things.

  • Oh, fun fact.

  • According to a psychological study around 2013 men who prefer a large breasts are often less financially secure than those who prefer smaller breasts.

  • And what prompted to scientists to do this study is beyond me.

All right.

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