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  • it sounds out there kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

  • Thanks.

  • Toa honey Honey is a free school that connects to your computer trouser.

  • When you shop online, Honey scans the Internet for discount that applies.

  • The biggest savings to your card automatically works on Amazon eBay.

  • Newegg Razor Practically everywhere you stop talk about structuring, right, so make sure you join 24 Free had joined honey dot com slash db x.

  • That's joined honey dot com slash dp x.

  • All right time for the show You're extravaganza and let me welcome you to In today's match, we have to sword swinging but bores in this corner.

  • We have the hero of time, the sword wielding Met musician.

  • He's only a fight because with the vocabulary of the exclusively grunts and screens, communication is nearly impossible.

  • And in the other corner we have the super Saiyan, the Time Traveler, the universe hopper to run school.

  • Did I mention also has a pretty cool sword.

  • Let's size up the competition.

  • It's a battle of swordsmanship, a battle of strength, a battle of silly names.

  • I mean, Trump, sleek stock.

  • Let's talk trucks.

  • This spiky haired alien is a master martial artist.

  • He can fire energy balls and did I mention he can fly.

  • On the other hand, Link can't fly, but he's got plenty of gadgets and doodads up.

  • This leads bombs, heroes, grappling hooks and a time altering our Karina.

  • You name it, he's got it.

  • Where does he keep it all?

  • I don't know magical inventory space, but on top of that, he's a master swordsman.

  • He sliced up countless enemies many, many times in size, and he's pretty much invincible as long as you feed his HP potion addiction.

  • Just remember, don't let this asshole anywhere near your pottery because they will end up all smashed, just like your dreams.

  • Trunks, on the other hand, has some hands I wouldn't want to catch.

  • And did I mention this man cut, freeze up in her and trunks.

  • It's super durable to basically a super saying punching bag.

  • Now, if we're lucky, we might just get to see these two change forms trunks into a super saying rage by putting more gel in his heir or link becoming four swords link by having multiple personality disorder, either way I can't wait to see some swords clashed.

  • So without further ado, let the exhibition.

  • Yeah, burning Here goes your mind shop with confidence.

  • Honey has over 130,005 star reviews.

  • Whoa, that's a lot.

  • It's the battle.

  • A stabbing boys up next spoke for your favorite fighter in our next exhibition before Friday, August 23rd by on the link in the description.

it sounds out there kind of nervous, but it's OK because I just see a bunch of money on this whole arena.

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