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  • Jo Jo's bizarre adventure is nothing if not, well, bizarre.

  • I mean, it's a Siri's that has vampires scented gun and spirit people that pop out of other people.

  • But it's when the series was put into the hands of clamp on all female manga house.

  • Had this adventure got even more bizarre.

  • I'm just on the Internet.

  • I do all the research.

  • Nobody else wants to go straight from the desk of battle.

  • First up, they decided to start things off with an issue aptly titled Jo Jo's Bazaar.

  • Married Life.

  • It takes place right after the Stardust Crusader arc where Jo, Jo and friends take down.

  • There are Jenna Me Dio.

  • However, Clamp made a few changes.

  • E.

  • G.

  • Abdel and most importantly, Cock Ewing are all still alive.

  • Sorry, spoilers.

  • They die in season three.

  • If you didn't know.

  • Oh, no.

  • And for some reason, upon returning home from his trip around the world, Joe Torre whisks Cock Ewing straight to his house, and I should you not forces him to sign marriage papers, which seems illegal to me.

  • But you know it's Jo Jo.

  • Anyway, Cock Ewing is immediately declared the wife and get straight into the kitchen to cook everyone up some food.

  • How charmingly not 2018 of him.

  • But you all are here for the sad perpetuation of gender stereotypes.

  • You're here for that nest in nasty welcome nighttime Joe Tro scuttles CAC Ewing away to the bedroom.

  • This simple act, for whatever reason, seems to completely confuse a group of fully grown adults like what else are two people doing in bed together the night of their marriage?

  • Well, thes clueless Boone's decided their right to take a peek.

  • So Old Man Joseph uses a TV and his Purple Hermits stand to take a glimpse into their bedroom to see exactly what's going on.

  • Now, mind you, we, as the reader, don't get to see.

  • But I think I have a pretty good idea of what's going on pretty much like that.

  • Anyway, the manga ends with Jo Jo physically scolding all these peeping toms.

  • Well, if you think forced marriage between two high school students is odd, it's got nothing on the second issue.

  • So for some reason, this little fan comic eventually got a second issue because we clearly need to explore this further right out of the gate.

  • were greeted with a frightened cock.

  • Ewing was just woken up to discover a giant egg in his bed and new not like an ostrich egg or anything.

  • This bad boy is a genuine a human egg.

  • How the hell did it get there?

  • Well, none of the cast has a single clue.

  • I, on the other hand, have a pretty specific theory on just how this happened anyway, pretty much immediately after the egg has found it.

  • Hatches giving way to a brand new bouncing baby boy bearing the Jo Jo family birthmark, which confirms its joke.

  • Rose child.

  • So remember, kids, if you're a pair of married high school boys and are looking to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, make sure to avoid well, I don't know exactly how to human male mammals lay an egg, but it probably has something to do with science aside, This little egg baby named Jota does not give a shit about science first orders.

  • At just a week old, he cannot only strike a pose alongside his dad, but apparently he's also able to start kindergarten at a week old.

  • Oh, and did I mention he can draw better than I'll ever be able Teoh at a week old.

  • You think Joe Joe would be thrilled, Right?

  • Wrong.

  • This guy tries to hit his one week old baby just because the picture might have had a few bad comments about Joe on it.

  • Top it all off.

  • This talented, stylish little bastard also has a stand.

  • It's a blend of Joe TRO star platinum and Khaki Wayne's higher if in green Joe Joe decides to name it after his dish soap because he's a shitty dad.

  • So, yeah, meet Charmy green.

  • It wasn't stupid enough.

  • Somehow the little brat is then shown to be in high school by the age of 10.

  • And then, well, the comic just kind of ends.

  • So yeah, that's the story of how Jo Jo forced his high school friend into marriage and then, after a night of made a human egg baby prodigy.

  • Fun fact.

Jo Jo's bizarre adventure is nothing if not, well, bizarre.

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