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(Cues: Stardust Speedway Bad Future - Sonic CD)
Wiz: When young Amy Rose first heard of the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, she became immediately obsessed.
Boomstick: But while most rabid fangirls would stalk them online or build a shrine in their closet, Amy dialed her crazy up to 11!
Wiz: I guess you could say she was: hooked on Sonics?
Boomstick: Ugh. (gags)
You made me throw up in my mouth a little bit that was so bad!
Wiz: Well determined to meet her hero face to face, Amy decided the best option was to learn how to read tarot cards.
Boomstick: Hey the lady at the fair never let me down.
Wiz: After lots of practice one reading finally predicted she would meet The Blue Blur on the mysterious Little Planet.
Boomstick: See... and she did meet him. Well after she was kidnapped by the evil Dr. Eggman used as bait to lure Sonic into a trap.
But hey first impression aren't everything right?
Wiz: Heh. God knows that's true are we certainly won't be working together.
Boomstick: What? So i forgot my pants on the first day it happens to all of us Wiz.
Wiz: No it doesn't, anyway meeting Sonic wasn't enough for Amy.
Despite her young age and inexperience she made it her personal mission to become a part of his freedom fighting crew.
Boomstick: So Amy spends some time building a badass skill set to convice her hasty hedgehog hero she'd be a valuable team member and girlfriend.
Wiz: Surprisingly it wouldn't take long by running after Sonic her sheer will and determination let her reach the super speed she needed to chase him down.
Boomstick: That's... Terrifying.
Wiz: Keep in mind Sonic's casual running speed sits about 765 miles per hour.
Boomstick: That's... Extra terrifying.
Wiz: Tell me about it. Apparently she tapped into her innate hedgehog speed gene which is a thing.
Where the hell they got this? I have no clue I mean have you seen real hedgehogs run they're not very fast.
Boomstick: I wonder if I have some hidden gene gives me a super cool power.
Wiz: You do, remember when I did those DNA scans you have an iron liver.
Boomstick: Really!?
Wiz: Yeah you can drink all the beer you want and you'll be fine.
Boomstick: (chuckling) Well in that case, time for a break.
(Distant) Jocelyn get the cooler it's beer time, it's coming early.
Wiz: I totally lied but that should buy me a week of silence thank god.
Will cover Ramona Flowers next time.
Thanks for watching guys!
Thanks for the Previous Authors and ArifehC for contributing this CC. Please support them in Youtube and Have a Good day!
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Amy Rose Stalks Into DEATH BATTLE!

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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