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in the early two thousands, you'd be hard pressed to find someone in Japan who didn't know of the Carajo Group, a global conglomerate involved in nearly every aspect of daily life.
And the heiress to this impressive company was a young girl named Mitsuru curator, but unknown to her family company was into some pretty sketchy stuff.
Her grandpa started experimenting with some sort of mental world called The Mind Place or, more officially, the collective unconscious, a realm connected to every living being subconscious mind.
And within the collective unconscious dwells shadows fragments of human psyche, which often appear as malevolent monsters, demons kind of, However, there's another sort more directly integrated with the minds of individual people effectively becoming their shadow self, though some of them are demons who want to kill you.
And some of them are demons who are part of your brain.
Close enough?
Well, Gramps tried to get the shadows for himself, but does anyone who tried to summon demons will tell you No, don't do that.
Trust me, it never works out, and when it does, it doesn't Chaos incarnate erupted.
The resulting explosion from his experiment released the shadows into reality to prey on an unsuspecting populace and unveiled the tar terrorists.
A citadel between worlds.
The Earth was drastically changed, with a new dark hour, an extra hour of time occurring at midnight.
Most folks didn't notice, though the world basically freezes in time during the dark hour, including people.
Nobody's got to pick up a new 25 our club, because when the hour runs up, everything continues like nothing happened.
It's like get an extra hour of secret sleep.
But some people are able to operate during this hour, including its roof, which she decided to take full advantage of as you felt pretty guilty about her family, basically ruining everything and sending hundreds of murder monsters into the world.
So she's Florida.
Fix your grandpappy Smith.
And while she's certainly skilled with a rapier, thanks to her time in fencing club, a single sword would never be enough to combat the hordes of shadows.
Luckily, her first experience with the Dark hour helped her out in this regard.
That's one way to put it.
She and her dad were almost murdered by Booky Shadow, but this event also lead to an awakened with the threat of death itself mere seconds away, Mitsuru dug deep within and found a new weapon, her shadow self.
And that's our Sheba game, a person user persona used thanks to this fateful night, Mitsuru can summon a manifestation of her personality known as a persona.
This was Penta Celia, who would eventually evolve into her ultimate form.
Artemis CIA Party is the best non imaginary friend you could ask board.
She's got all sorts of colorful life spills, chicken.
He'll Mitterrand's wounds shaken, drained someone's energy and added to Mitsuru Zone.
And she can blow people up with mega deal.
It's a big purple kaboom that ignored special defenses anyway.
And to Tablet 11 he's getting kinky games with.
While Artemisia cannot really be killed, she does have her limits.
When a persona is overtaxed or takes too much damage, it becomes broken and unusable for a short time.
And since Artemisia is technically part of miseries, mind when the persona gets hurt, so did she.
But this connection also Grant Smith through her own set of special powers.
She's physically superior to most others.
She can also sense the locations of people and layouts of buildings through analytical clairvoyance.
She's also immune toe ice in the cold.
So I'm not really sure why she needs a giant fur coat.
Everyone needs a good bird coat, wiz.
But who would wear a fur coat into battle?
You ever heard of goddamn barbarian?
I mean, a fur coat like that?
Well, then, clearly, someone with good taste.
You know what?
I want that coat.
I'm going to the store.
You've got to stop walking out of these and is gone.
Well, then come back next week for the full episode of Weiss versus Mitsuru.
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Mitsuru Personifies DEATH BATTLE!

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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