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alright ladies and gents
I'm sure you know who Venom is you know the always crazy often evil space alien that just won't leave
Spider-Man alone
Yeah, of course you do but what you might, not know is just how much Venom has affected the marvel universe
And how many major characters he's come into contact with and that's where I come in
I'm jocelyn the intern I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk. Oh death battle
So right out the gate. Let's clear one thing up Venom is actually an Alien known as a clint r
But is most commonly referred to as a symbiote
symbiotes find a host and bond with it to give them a body to get around in as opposed to just being a pile of
Goop and these symbionts find hosts in damn near everything the most famous being Venom's current hosts, Eddie brock
Spider-Man himself may have best described the process when he said symbiotes bond to a host like chest hair to David hasselhoff
Good ones, baby
however, well before Venom found Eddie its first human host was actually deadpool who kind of accidentally broke into
The secret prison that Venom was being held in
Deadpool quickly noticed that the symbiote was more than just a nifty suit and was actually a living creature
Trying to interface with his mind in an odd show of compassion DP rejected Venom and put it back where he found it
Worrying that his insanity might not be the best thing for a mind-melding alien monster
Yeah, but it turns out that venom would actually be the one to make an impAct on Deadpool
you see shortly after being ditched by the Merc with the mouth Venom bonded with Spider-Man and
Barely attached to him, and you know how the story goes
But after spidey ditched him two venom returned to deadpool once again like that
Ex-boyfriend that you just can't help but go back to over and over and over despite knowing bettering
Him I was talking about somebody that I know um definitely not myself. No, okay?
Anyway this time Venom had a better understanding of the human mind and emotions
And when they did the symbiotic tango he ended up transferring his infatuation with Spider-Man as well as peters desire to do good
Into wade's mind. So yeah, venom is one of the largest reasons that deadpool is the character
We all know and love today since then Venom has really gotten around for starters
He spent a short time with the guardians of the Galaxy bonding with Groot Rocky Raccoon and Drax
eventually he took control of their ship and used it to fly back to his home planet as a
the symbiote cured all of them of any diseases and
Cancer pretty sweet deal if you ask me he's bonded with a german shepherd
And also hopped on to Miss marvel for a moment while it was short lived
It was pretty damn
Horrifying and if you thought any of those combos were awesome get ready because I'm busting out the big guns
Those of you who have been watching?
Desk of for a while may remember from the spider mobile episode that venom bonded with a flippin T-Rex
Which I still stand by my previous statement that this is easily one of the most badass comic book panels to ever exist
But it gets better let me introduce you to marcus marcus is a centaur who is also a werewolf
Who has a symbiote yeah?
I mean this guy is so badass that dracula calls him the perfect warrior and if he didn't have enough going for him
he eventually gets robot legs so marcus is a bionic Centaur Wolfie it a
Just let that sink in the only thing cooler than that is the following
so this one time
Venom the Red Hulk and ghost Rider had to fight the Devil's sun in order to keep las vegas from becoming hell
Ya think it's a little too late for that guys
But anyway in order to save the day venom bonded with the red hulk who was then given the spirit of vengeance becoming some?
Sort of Red Venom ghost Hulk writer hybrid look at this thing just look at it
That's a triple tall order of badass for the side of Dun yin rings
Fun fact marcus the centaur werewolf guy dude has diabetes and when fighting
Deadpool he actually stops to balance his blood sugar and during the quick break in their fight
Deadpool uses the time to tweet because
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Venom Cures Cancer? | Desk of DEATH BATTLE

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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